Friday, August 4, 2023

Just Checking In

The older I become, the faster time seems to go by.  I realized this morning that it has been a week since my last post.  So here I am - checking in with all of you!

Six large bags of frozen hash browns are dehydrated, bagged and put away.  Same with six 16 oz. bags of frozen broccoli.  My grocery order goes in Monday for delivery next Thursday, so I am working on the list.  Probably can use more dehydrated onions.  I seem to use lots of onions.  And I grind some for onion powder - one less item to buy.

I am also checking my stash of ingredients.  Since even the prices on small items like gravy or taco seasoning mixes have headed skyward along with so many other items, I think now might be the time to use my recipes for making my own rather than buying.  

It is not all work.  I have been collecting information about my ancestors for a number of years now.  And because I think it is important for my kids and grands to know about the people who went before, I have been working to organize it all in a genealogy program to make it easier to follow and understand.  For me, this is not work.  It is fun.  Especially when I unearth a rogue or reprobate!

I admit to loving gadgets.  My son brought me a gadget that I am really enjoying.

Background.  I have two computers.  One is a desktop with a huge monitor.  I have used this one for a number of years.  It holds genealogy records, photos, etc.

I now have a laptop that I use for genealogy, among other things.  But I had no way - at least no easy way - to transfer data from one computer to the other.

Enter my son with an external hard drive.  This little piece of electronics has enough memory to hold my entire Documents file, including a ton of photos.  Plus much more.  As I have been writing this post, a wealth of information is being transferred from the desktop to the external hard drive.  Next step - plug the device into my laptop and  download.  I was afraid there would be a whole project in itself to do the transfer.  Nope.  Cut and paste.  I can do that without any frustration.

Most of the time we plan and God chuckles.  But this time the plan is actually working.  :)

That's all I know for now, except that the world is still a hot mess with no end in sight.  I still check news reports to continue to know what the enemy is up to.  And, as always, preparing is at the top of the list.  That and daily prayer for this used and abused land of ours.  Or more to the point, it's used and abused citizens.

Can't give up.  Won't let them win.  Have never been very good at following orders, especially from the kinds of morons who are now issuing their silly orders.

Keep preparing.  And most importantly, keep praying.


  1. Do yourself a favor, Vicki; keep a copy of whatever you move between the computers on the external drive. Also, if you have anything "sensitive" on the computers, keep that on the external drive ALONE. This is called "airgapping." It'll keep black-hatters from getting at your stuff. Keeping the copies on the external drive will save your bacon if your laptop dies!

    God be with you and yours, Vicki... We're gonna need Him...

    1. Pete...Usually you come up with stuff I don't even think about. But this time we are on the same page.

      I just finished putting the information I wanted to move on my laptop. And because the copy/paste is working so well, everything from my desktop remains on the external hard drive.

      I seem to be paranoid to the extreme. For good reason, I suppose. Advertisers pick up on anything and then there is a deluge of ads. Things I have talked about in phone calls and emails suddenly show up online. As a result, any personal information is kept in handwritten form - social sec. numbers, phone numbers, passwords, etc. Doesn't mean they can't be found. Just means they will have to work a little harder.

      May God keep you and yours safe. You're so very right that we're gonna need Him!

  2. Always good ideas and comments here, Vicki. Thank you.
    And yes, pray.
    You all be safe and God bless.

    1. I think I benefit from comments here. I love the way we help each other. God bless you and yours, my friend.

  3. But is it paranoid if it's actually happening?

    I notice that whenever I'm shopping on line or researching on line, then my 'feed' gets filled with the same topic or same stuff I'm looking for. Creepy but I'm still chosing to do use the internet..

    I too love the community of readers here and the comments.
    cheers, SJ now in California

    1. SJ...I think we are monitored more than we think we are. Even when shopping for groceries. The store my grocery delivery services uses has what they call a 'rewards card' that discounts prices on various items. I had one. Each time I used it, my email was full of 'savings offers' for the items I bought with it, and ads popped up when I was online. Cut the damn thing up and tossed it.

      Just looked at the online store ad. Nearly everything needs a 'rewards card' to get a reduced price. Phooey. Not playing that game.

      Rant over. Take good care, my friend.

  4. Vicki, I learned to do this very thing when I began blogging. I had always had a big desktop computer, but it kept me isolated in another room, so I eventually bought a laptop. So much better, but moving files from the desktop to the laptop with a flash drive was so limiting. Then one day while shopping at Costco I spied an external 'Seagate' 2T backup USB drive. YIKES! One terabyte holds 1000 gigabytes!! Now I hardly save anything on the C drive of either computer, and if either one goes down or gets compromised, I have everything backed up.

    1. BarbaCat...My son did the shopping for me and after comparing several kinds of external hard drives, chose the 'Seagate'. I absolutely love it. Considering that I am the proud owner of 2 dead laptops and that I lost all the files on both, this is a Godsend for me. Bonus - it is simple to use. Everything goes on the Seagate and can be transferred to either computer. Don't have to tell you that. :)

    2. Dear barbacat cannot find you what is Google title to look you up please?
      Computer died and am using old limited phone to get internet in

    3. Just in case BarbaCat doesn't see your request, a link to her blog is in my side bar, down toward the bottom, as she hasn't posted for a while. Those of us who blog sometimes need a break. I hope she will return, as I love what she does.

  5. Vicki I cannot get the side bar
    Computer died
    Am using old phone for internet
    I love barbacats beautiful pictures for the beginning of a month or season
    She said she was going to give it up
    Hope she comes back!
    Deb harvey TV

    1. Deb...I would love to see BarbaCat return. She is a spot of sunshine in our world of gloom. But I also understand that sometimes we just need to say 'enough.' Burnout can hit us all at one time or another. Take care.