Friday, August 18, 2023


Is there a reason that we are putting up with enough governmental bullsh*t to require wearing hip waders in order to slog through it all?

I don't need to tell my readers to wake up, but there are so very many others who just skip blithely through life without a single clue.  

Nobody is coming to rescue us.  Case in point:  how much government aid has gone to Hawaii since the horrible fires there and how many of our tax dollars have been sent to aid those in a war overseas that has nothing to do with us. 

Our founding fathers would be stacking bodies like cordwood by now.


  1. It's WAY past time to push back against this, Vicki. Trouble is, many aren't listening. Many aren't seeing what's right before their eyes.

    Biden says he's giving "each family" affected by the fires in Maui $700.00...


    Hawaii's not a cheap place to live. Seven hundred bucks will pay for two nights in a cheap hotel and maybe a Happy Meal. Meanwhile, there go MORE MILLIONS to the Russia/Ukraine intergenerational family squabble. Oh; and F-16's... 'Remember when the presidential mummy said there'd be nothing like that sent over there? Oh; but HE isn't sending the planes. He's telling DENMARK to send the planes... which by the way, started life in the good ol' US of A. These people don't even TRY to hide their lies anymore.

    ...I'm at a loss as to a solution here. For too many, as long as the Internet is on and Starbucks is open, everything's O-TAY, 'Panky! One step further, CONGRESS is trying to tie DISASTER AID TO MAUI to ADDITIONAL FUNDING FOR UKRAINE!!!! In WHAT REALITY is this seen as OK???

    ...Nothing short of Divine intervention is going to stop hat's going on, Vicki. Keep your powder dry and your Bible open... God bless...

    1. Your outrage equals mine, Pete...I don't understand why so many would rather obsess over pronouns than at least try to take our country back.

      $700. Really? That amount wouldn't even cover my monthly rent and I'm thinking Hawaii might just be a tad bit more expensive than Minnesota!

      Not only are those in power tying this latest disaster to Ukraine, but I am seeing reports blaming 'climate change.'

      When, exactly, did stupid become something to strive for.

      I have no solution either, Pete. Except that Geo. Washington may have been onto something.

      Praying for the safety of my friends and family. You are spot on about the only way out of this mess is through divine intervention. God bless and keep you and yours, my friend.

  2. Boiling a frog is a long process. Hopefully, the frog will jump out before it dies. I don't have a lot of confidence it will.

    1. Jess...I have a sneaking suspicion that the poor frog is already fully cooked. Wish I had answers on how to get out of the mess we are in. But until it occurs to many that such a mess exists, I don't see much hope.

  3. Congress, not the President, controls the purse strings of the government and last I checked, the House of Representatives was controlled by Republicans so if you are unhappy with the amount of money being sent, or not, to various places, you might want to take it up with them.

    1. Laura...I agree that Congress is in charge of the spending. After many phone calls and emails to my representatives, I have yet to get a response. Republicians - Democrats. All add up to politicians who talk a good talk but fail in the walk. And I just don't know how to fight the corruption any more.

  4. I’ve started looking at current events and issues differently V. I dunno if it’s the right way or not… but basically: Hawaii typically goes democrat/liberal, doesn’t it? Well…it seems heartless, but…they voted for this. Now they will pay a terrible price for it…but actions have consequences. The lesson here for Maui is next time, vote for serious people. If you vote for clowns and crooks? This is what will happen to you. A lot of repubs are the same way and need to be tossed.

    But unfortunately people can’t think or focus anymore, or budget, or prep for rainy days or think ahead. If anything bad happens, the govt will take care of it.

    The govt is taking care of Maui right now. It will be a learning experience for many. For a few, it will be Darwinian justice. For still others…they may start to think for themselves, possibly for the first time in their lives.

    I know there are all kinds of holes in that line of thought, that it is heartless and far from perfect…but at this point I see little else left.

    1. I can't find fault with your reasoning, Filthie...That same reasoning applies to places like Seattle, Portland. San Francisco that were once beautiful cities and now are the worst kind of slums. Which political party do you suppose is responsible for that, although there is little difference between parties these days.

      I find that I am looking at each crisis wondering who benefits. I have lately seen articles that say the area in Maui that was destroyed is also the land that government types have coveted for use as one of their planned their 15 minute cities. Time will tell, but I am thinking that offering each burned out Maui family the princely sum of $700 while at the same time sending billions to pay for a war we have no business being involved in, tells us all we need to know.

      You are spot on about folks not knowing how to budget or save or prepare. Perhaps that went by the wayside with the introduction of 'Everyone gets a trophy.'

      I wish I had a solution to this kind of crazy, but I don't. Prepare and pray is all I know.

  5. Those offices charged with overseeing laws obeyed have been thoroughly infiltrated
    The congress is surely almost thoroughly corrupt
    They enjoy hearings on UFOs while infrastructure crumbles and justice has become a pipe dream
    Few of us recognize congressmen or others in governments, both local and federal, by sight and arresting the powers behind the thrones are outside our abilities
    How would I, 74 and weak, overcome these evildoers?
    The nation barred God and so His hand of protection has been withdrawn
    If a majority were to pray Him to return and shake a knot in the evil we could be delivered
    Apparently staring at electronic screens is more important
    Praying is our only weapon but it is the most effective
    We are surely scheduled to undergo horrible and 'interesting' times
    God, please help us!