Friday, April 12, 2024

Back At It...

 I have spent time in the past couple of weeks working on sharing my genealogy research with my family.  I feel it is important for my kids and grands to know their heritage.  But if they have nothing to eat, it isn't going to matter where they came from.

My twice monthly grocery order goes in on Monday.  I find I really like the pint size chicken meals in a jar that I canned a short time ago.  Especially when I am really busy and just don't want to cook, by using a jar meal, I can have a relatively healthy supper in mere minutes.  

I already have lots of food combinations for soups and stews in quart jars.  And that is great when cooking for multiple people.  Just this week I made beef stew using my canned beef stew base in a quart jar and adding a pint of beef cubes.  It tasted really good, but there is just me here in this apartment and I really am not fond of eating the same food three days in a row.  I also don't like waste.  Yes, I could freeze the leftovers, but I tend to freeze and then forget. So, for me, (and my fading memory), the pint size jar meals work well. 

I have lots of hamburger in the freezer, so I'm thinking pints of chili.  And I am ordering a variety of fresh and frozen veggies to go with whatever meat is on sale next week.  

This is just something that I find works for me.  The point is that it really doesn't matter how we are stocking up on food, it is the stocking up part that is important.

High prices - border invasion - corrupt politicians on all levels.  That's where we are, and I don't see things changing for the better any time soon. 

Do what you can.  Full larder, dry powder, open Bible.  And pray.  


  1. You continue to inspire so many with what you're able to accomplish. Carry on, and God bless you!

  2. Thank you, Rev. Paul...I have 6 grands and 2 great-grands. If any one of them came to me hungry and I couldn't feed them, I don't think I could bear it. That is a great motivator. Stay safe and may God bless you and yours.

  3. Really, my friend, you never quit so there's no 'getting back to it', imo. You may rest and do something else for a tiny moment and then you're going full speed again. And, yes, what RevPaul said - you are inspiring!! Waving pom poms. SJ now in California

  4. Thank you for your kind words, SJ...Truth is, there are 16 - maybe more - in my family to worry about. And I'm not sure most of them believe anything bad could happen.
    Things may happen. Things may not. But no matter, I want them all to have what they need to survive - just in case. That's why so many of us do what we do. (And I know for sure you are among us.)

  5. To my readers...For a reason known only to Blogger, I am not allowed to post new content at this time. So I can't tell you all about the great sales on meat or about the canning I am doing just now. Not sure how to fix this, but wanted you to know what is going on. Take care and please - prepare and pray!

    1. Are you in Blogger time out??
      SJ now in California

  6. I truly don't know where you get your energy, Vicki! You put me to SHAME!!!

    ...You're an inspiration...