Monday, April 22, 2024

Down Time Well Spent

 Apparently, Blogger decided I needed to spend a few days in "time out."  I couldn't post or comment.  Then after a couple of days, my comment telling you all what was happening, appeared, followed in another couple of days with full access to this blog.  Still have no clue as to why this happened.  But on the bright side, the time in blogger jail wasn't wasted!

I have found that the items in the grocery store sale ads are usually stuff I don't want or need.  But this past week I lucked out.

Pork, chicken and hamburger were all on sale.  I ordered them all.

Pork and chicken breast are now canned.  I have 32 more pints of meals in a jar and 24 more half pints of plain chicken breast.  16 rather large chicken leg quarters and 20 lbs. of hamburger are in the freezer.  Leftover onions, carrots and corn are in the dehydrators.

At the astonishing pace food prices are increasing, any time I can get a deal I take it.  

I saw from a couple of trusted sources that more egg laying chickens have been slaughtered with the excuse of "bird flu" as a reason.  We aren't talking hundreds or even thousands.  More like millions.  As a result, I fully expect the price of eggs to skyrocket.  Might be a good time to dehydrate more eggs while I can still afford to buy them.

I have to wonder just how long the general public is going to stand for the government crapping all over them on a daily basis.  When Congress can send billions to other countries but refuses to spend a dime on protecting our borders, perhaps a major change is in order.

Until that happens, we continue to do what we can to care for our families.  Pretty sure nobody who represents us in the halls of Congress is going to help.  I long since gave up on trusting any of them.  My trust lies with God.  May He watch over each and every one of you.


  1. Wow, well done with all the canning! I have been working on my garden: cherry tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, and cucumbers were all planted out by late last week. Something destroyed the cucumber plants, but the rest are looking quite happy. I think maybe I need to let the cuke plants get a bit larger before putting them out. Looks like we'll have a good harvest of mulberries and blueberries, and the paw paws have a bunch of flowers on them this year too. The herbs are loving this cool, wet Spring we're having here. The quail finally started laying again, too (I thought for a while I was just going to have to keep them as just pets. In past years they started giving eggs much earlier, but the few we have left are getting a little older.)

    1. chipmunk...Good on you with the garden!! That's the very best way to get veggies! I really miss having a large garden but thoroughly enjoy hearing about what others are growing in theirs.

      I don't recall having problems with insects or other creepy crawlies eating the produce. When in northern Minnesota, the deer liked to come in and sample now and then. I saved the dog hair from when I brushed the dog and scattered the hair around the outer edges of the garden. Worked like a charm!

  2. It is all in God's hands, for sure.
    I have been having trouble with blogger, too. Not getting comments when I check "Notify Me". There may be other things I'm unaware of but that is the one that has been bothering me most.
    I'm not surprised you used your time so well, Vicki. :)
    Be safe and God bless.

    1. LindaG...Sometimes we can fix whatever it is that's frustrating us and sometimes we can't. All I could do with blogger is wait!

      I hadn't really planned to do much canning just now, but the meat sales were just too good to pass up. With prices on everything inching upward, I just had to take advantage of the meat on sale. Every little bit helps! May God bless you and yours.

  3. Those who trust in politicians will inevitably be disappointed. The gummint ain't interested in anyone except themselves, and no amount of pretending will prove otherwise. As the Marines say, "In God we trust. Everyone else, show us your hands."

    1. Rev. Paul...I was beginning to think I was just becoming cynical in my old age, but the actions of Congress - especially this last voting to send more of our cash overseas without using any of it to secure our own border, have proved that's not the case. I find I have zero trust in any politician - local, state or federal.

      The Marines are spot on!!!