Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jacob's Noggin

I am really, really glad that David called me last evening BEFORE I checked my email, for when I did, this is what I saw.

Along with the text that read, "Here's a pic. We are heading to urgent care."

The email was sent to Staci, who was at work but already knew what had happened, and he added a copy to me because he knows I always want pictures. However, if I had seen this email before hearing about what happened, I may have been a bit concerned. After all, it isn't every day that one receives an email with a picture of one's grandson's bloody noggin.

It seems that a falling object (I think it was a candle holder) had landed with a thud on top of Jacob's head, resulting in those holes in his scalp. When I asked if Jacob had needed stitches, David told me that they don't use stitches for something like this any more. I guess that it has been so many years since I needed anything stitched up that I didn't know this. It seems that a dab of surgical glue took care of it. And from what I understand, a stop at Dairy Queen on the way back home is the best healing medicine of all.

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