Sunday, August 15, 2010

Maddie and the Tooth Fairy

Maddie has lost her first tooth. It seems that she had a little bit of help with this. While her sister was doing some gymnastic moves, she accidentally kicked Maddie in the mouth. She didn't mean to. These things happen. Maddie's distress over being kicked quickly gave way to the realization that she now had a loose tooth. It didn't take long for her tooth to fall out.

I got a phone call from Maddie the evening after she lost her tooth. She had all sorts of things to tell me about the visit from the Tooth Fairy. Not only did she leave the usual money for Maddie's tooth, but there was a treat of a package of gum as well. But the really neat thing was the letter she left just for Maddie. As I listened to her read that letter to me, I couldn't help but think it was a pretty special Tooth Fairy who would make the loss of a first tooth such a memorable occasion for an equally special girl.

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