Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Music Sooths the Soul

Today I have been busy doing those nasty jobs that just don't seem to get done by themselves.  I would rather be doing about a dozen other things instead of scrubbing and cleaning and rearranging cupboards and closets.  As my cleaning fairy is on strike, the only way this spring cleaning is going to get done is if I do it myself.  Darn.

Usually I like the peace and quiet of my little apartment.  But today I needed something to distract me from the dust and grime that tends to accumulate over the winter.  When I couldn't find a radio station that I liked, I remembered that my computer came with the Pandora program, so I set it up to play the kind of music I like.  I had been grumbling under my breath about baked on spills in my oven and cat hair that clings to every surface.  I think I have washed away enough hair for a whole new cat.

But after about a half hour of music, I found that I really didn't mind the scrubbing and mucking out.  I found myself singing along with the music.  That is kind of scary because I can't carry a tune in a bucket.  I get that from my Dad.  My sister and I never fought about who got to sit next to Dad in church.  We fought about who had to sit next to him, because when the hymns were sung, he was always out of tune.  Which is kind of sad, because he loved to sing.  I can still remember him singing to me when I was just a itty bitty girl.  He loved old cowboy songs and many a night he would rock me to sleep to the tune of "Red River Valley" or some other old timey song.  Funny, I never noticed that he sang out of tune then.  But then, I was just a little girl who loved to have her Daddy sing her to sleep and not a judgemental teenager who found fault with her parents at every opportunity.

Maybe that is the sad part, that when we grow older, we look for the bad and don't take the time to just enjoy the good, whether it is slightly out of tune or not.

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