Thursday, April 25, 2013

Shelter in Place

Apparently, that's what I did today.

It seems that about a half hour after I got home from the grocery store, there was an explosion and fire at the malting plant located about four blocks from my home.  According to the news reports I read online later, the explosion shook neighbors houses.  I didn't feel a thing.  I saw no smoke, but I did hear lots and lots of sirens, and then the sound of helicopters, which I think must have been local news people checking out the fire.  Later in the day I saw that there was a message on my phone, and when I checked it, I found that it was an automated call from the sheriffs office telling residents within a mile radius of the plant to shelter in place and stay indoors.

The malting plant has several large grain silos, and I expect that a fire in even one of them could be nasty.  I am told that grain dust is extremely flammable   I am glad that it was a relatively minor event.  There have been way too many things blowing up lately.

So... I sheltered in place and didn't even know it.

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