Saturday, September 7, 2013

Flying Geese

The eastern sky was just beginning to turn pink this morning.  Sitting next to my open window to catch a bit of morning breeze, my first cup of coffee in hand, I heard the honking of geese.  Lots of geese.

The geese come back here each spring from wherever they go for winter months.  The nest on the shores of the many lakes and ponds and streams, raise their young, and then head back south.

I will hear them from time to time, going out in the mornings during the summer in search for food and returning to their nesting areas in the evening.  But this honking was louder and more prolonged than a normal food run.  As I looked out and up, I saw at least a dozen V-shaped formations heading south.  This was followed closely by another group just as large.  I usually don't see these large flocks until mid-October.

The Farmer's Almanac has predicted a cold, nasty winter for us here in the north.  I wonder if the geese know about it.  Looks like they just might.


  1. We haven't seen any yet, but we're still grasped by summer. That's changing, since we're experiencing rain. The temperatures will lower and autumn will soon follow.

  2. We are still experiencing summer heat here as well, which is why I was surprised to see such large flocks of geese headed south. In years past, when they leave early, winter tends to come early as well. We shall see if they are right this year.

  3. Alaska, and northern Canada have experienced some unusually cold weather.

    The geese don't have a choice; go south or starve. Whether this is a forecast of the coming winter will be known in a few months.

  4. They probably were from Alaska or Canada. Ours still seem in no hurry to fly south as yet. Temps were over 90 degrees today, so I think it will be a while before the local geese get excited about migration.