Monday, September 16, 2013

Shopping Fool

As much as I dislike shopping, I am thinking that I will wind up a shopping fool this week.  My local grocery has sales on beef and pork loin.  I bought four packages of each this morning.  They are all cubed, jarred up and a pressure canner load is cooking away, with several more waiting.  Beef rarely is at an affordable price here, so I will be going back at least once more - maybe twice - to take advantage of the sale.  The home canned beef makes the best beef stew as well as lots of other tasty dishes.  This winter.  When it is cold outside.  And the ground is covered with ice and snow.  And I won't have to venture out in it.

I just wish I could get all of the shopping done at once, but there is only so much I can haul home on the bus in my handy dandy little old lady shopping cart that I use for groceries.  I'm not complaining, though.  Every day that I wake up in the morning is a bonus.  And every day that I still can get around well enough to do my own shopping is even better.  And every day that I still have the strength to haul my cart up the stairs to my apartment is awesome.

Life is still good.


  1. It's time for some home-made vegetable beef soup.

    I was thinking about making it, told my wife, so it's a consensus. The only drawback will be the price of beef. I'm real flexible on the cut, but not on the price.

  2. Beef has been well out of my price range here, but Cub has boneless round tip roast this week for $2.99 a lb. That's cheap for my area. When pressure canned even the toughest cuts of meat become fork tender. I have one jar that didn't seal, so it will be either vegetable beef soup or beef stew with biscuits for supper tomorrow. It is the time of year when I enjoy cooking more than during the summer months.

  3. A few years ago, my huge pot of vegetable soup cost a little under nine dollars. It was worth it, since it offered days of meals for my wife and I. Since then, the price has almost doubled.

    In the past, when I didn't like the price of beef, I've substituted pork, or just made a big pot of chicken noodle soup.

    My wife is like me: soup has medicinal properties. When nothing seems to satisfy the appetite, soup provides the nutrients and satisfies the hunger.

  4. Your wife is right. Homemade soup will cure a variety of ills. Because I live alone, I no longer fill a soup pot, but use the crock pot more. I dehydrate a wide variety of vegetables, so many times I will toss in a handful of this and a handful of that along with a jar of whatever home canned meat suits my fancy at the moment. Sometimes I will use a quart jar of meat broth. Let it slow cook all day, and I have enough for several meals. Nothing better, especially this time of year on through winter.