Thursday, November 21, 2013

Kicked My Butt

Whatever this is that I thought was just a head cold has really kicked my butt.  I am not sick enough to stay in bed, but I will admit that for a few days, my idea of getting dressed was to put on a fuzzy robe over my nightshirt and call it good.  I'm sort of getting caught up on the household chores that went by the wayside when I wasn't feeling all that perky, but it is a slow process and one that leaves me out of breath.  My daughter told me that she had something similar that took her a month to get over.  I have only two weeks invested in this crud, so I won't complain.

My Yorkies seem delighted that I am not so busy as I usually am.  I have spent a considerable amount of time in my recliner listening to music or audio books.  They have spent a considerable amount of time on my lap.  I am afraid I have created a couple of pint-sized monsters, for they now fuss at me from time to time until I sit down and give them pets and snuggles.

I suppose I could have run to the doctor, but I tend to avoid clinics as much as possible.  A few years ago I came down with something similar, spent the better part of a day being poked and prodded and X-Rayed and was given expensive prescriptions that did no more for me than my home remedies do.  So I will keep in my own pocket the $75. I have to pay just to walk through the door of the clinic, the fees for poking and prodding and X-Raying and the steep price of prescriptions, and stay with the tried and true remedy of rest, aspirin for aches and pains, and my apple-cranberry tea laced with honey.  Seems to be working.

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