Friday, January 17, 2014

Winter Doldrums

dol·drums, noun plural
1: a state or period of sadness or depression
2: a state or period in which there is no activity or improvement

I am not sad nor am I depressed.  So I think the second definition probably applies.

Since the first of the year I have had little ambition.  I don't know why.  I chalk it up to winter with its short, cloudy days and long, cold nights.  I find myself spending more time with my cup of coffee and my books than I usually do.  Daily chores that I zip through at other times of the year seem to take considerably longer now.  If they get done at all.  Procrastination is the watchword of the day.

So last evening I was thinking about this blah feeling that has come over me, and decided that it was high time to do something about it.  I acknowledged the fact that there is no fairy godmother waiting in the wings to wave her magic wand and fix everything.  I have no pumpkins to turn into coaches and no glass slippers.  If anything is going to be changed, it will be changed by me.

I tend to procrastinate doing my laundry more than anything else.  My building has two washers and two dryers in the basement.  Both of the washers are merrily washing away with another two loads waiting to go.  My refrigerator is sparkling clean and devoid of all leftovers that resembled science experiments gone bad.  My "To Do" list has several more tasks to be checked off over the weekend.  And after that, come Monday morning, I have a Plan.

The plan includes some play time.  Yes, even 67 year old grandmas need serious play time now and then.  And no, my play time has nothing to do with a night on the town or a visit to the local watering holes.  I don't drink alcohol any more, (Not that I wouldn't like to - I just can't.) so those activities are not on the agenda.

My play time includes things like a meal out at my favorite Chinese restaurant.  And a trip to the yarn store for the yarn to finish two afghans I am working on.  And a trip to the Goodwill store just because I like to poke about in thrift shops.  And a trip to the craft store for the scrapbooking supplies I need to complete some photo albums I am working on.

For someone who is not fond of shopping, my Plan seems to include too many stores, but I figure that the supplies I get will keep me busy and happily crocheting and crafting until spring.

There.  I feel better already!


  1. This sounds more like cabin fever than the doldrums.
    Have fun out on the town and enjoy. We all need this from time to time.
    Staci and I are having our night out tomorrow.


  2. I think it may be more a severe case of lazy. I usually am not bothered by cabin fever. You and Staci enjoy your night out. With the responsibility of the kids, you two probably need it more than me!

  3. I want your Dad's apple pie recipe.

  4. Stephen, I will have the recipe for you in my next post.