Friday, December 5, 2014

A Quiet Week

It's been a quiet week here in the frozen north.  I've been puttering.  That's what my Dad called it when he was just fiddling about with this and that.  His puttering was along the lines of fixing a hole in the porch screen or weeding a bit in his garden.

My puttering has been along the lines of organizing photos on my computer.  Or going through my quilt patterns and deciding which quilts I will sew over the winter.  Or adding photos of my ancestors to my genealogy program.

It appears Chippy the Elf and his new girlfriend Daisy have been busier than I have.

On Monday Chippy and Daisy were sitting in a tree.

On Tuesday they went on a double date with Ken and Barbie.

Wednesday found them involved in a serious game of Uno with their friends.

And on Thursday they were looking cozy inside a lantern.

This morning they were hanging out in the bathroom.  Maddie Mae said they were probably watching to make sure she didn't spend too much time doing her hair!

Guess I'm going to have to get busy if I'm going to have a social life that equals those two elves.


  1. Ha!! The elves social life beats mine too lol

    Very cute :)

  2. Dani...I get a kick out of the inventive places the elves find to hide at my son's house! And truth be known, I have all the social life I care to, which is slim and none. :)

  3. Ha! After a trip to the grocery store and then the post office I am going to retire from my social life. :-D

  4. JMD...It is such exciting lives we lead! I will leave the Social Butterfly thing to others and enjoy my quiet life. :)

  5. I saw somebody else, I think it might have been Lisa at Three Bears, who had one of those elves and it was doing all kind of things. I never saw this before, but I like it. I think I'll get some elves and arm them to the teeth. Then I can be in command of troops again!

  6. Harry...There is a story for the kids that goes along with the elf - I'm not sure just what it is, but someone told me that the elf goes to the North Pole every night to report to Santa if the kids have been naughty or nice. That's why the elf is in a different location each morning and the kids hunt to find him. Me...I just have fun watching to see where the elves are hiding. (My son is pretty inventive on that score!) I like your idea of elf troops, though. I don't know how they would be in combat, but elves with rifles would for sure creep people out!

  7. would love to see pics of your quilts
    and luv the elves..

  8. Mary...I probably won't have any of my quilts finished until spring. Have several in the works, but need a major trip to the fabric store for batting and backing fabric and I'll do that after Christmas. I love the elves, too. :)