Sunday, November 30, 2014

Chippy - Elf on the Shelf - 2014 Edition

Yes, Chippy the Elf is back at my grandchildren's home.  I have as much fun as the kids, checking my son's Facebook posts to see where Chippy turns up each day.  This year there is an addition.  It seems that Chippy has acquired a girlfriend.  Go, Chippy!

It will be fun to see where they hide this year!

I know.  I'm as bad as the kids.


  1. We have an elf that we got when the kids were little. I have never liked him, he looks like Chucky in an elf suit. But my wife won't let me throw him away because the kids liked him when they were little.

  2. Harry...Chucky in an elf suit would scare the bloody hell out of me! The elf at my son's house is supposed to hide in a different place every night. I get a laugh when I see what inventive ways my son has for hiding the elf. Takes little to amuse me.

  3. Cool i remember last year...look forward to the hunt...

  4. Mary...My son and daughter-in-law are pretty inventive in finding hiding places for the elves, and that's half the fun for me! I'll probably post the best ones. I'm as bad as the kids for getting excited over silly things like hiding elves. :)

  5. Mom, I forgot that now Chippy has returned from the North Pole, my kids get up a half an hour earlier each morning and run around the house trying to find him and Daisy. They are pretty excited each morning when they find them.

  6. David.... I can relate. The first thing in the morning, as soon as I pour my coffee, I check FB to see if you have posted where Chippy and Daisy were hiding!
    Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional.
    Love, Mom