Saturday, September 19, 2015

Good News and Bad News

Sometimes good news and bad news can come in the same package.  Both came to Son and me by way of a phone call from my landlord.

I had wondered what happened to my neighbor, Alberta.  I had knocked on her apartment door several times but there was never any answer.  Nobody in the building seemed to know what had happened to her.  My landlord told me that Alberta had been hospitalized.  The tests run by her doctor showed she was full of cancer.  There was nothing to be done but keep her as comfortable as possible.  She passed on a couple of days ago.

She had been my neighbor for probably 15 years.  I would tease her that she must have radar that could detect when I was canning, for often she would come by about the time I was taking jars out of the canner.  I knew that she missed having the home canned food, for she talked about all the canning she had done when she lived on the farm.  I always sent her home with a couple of jars of whatever I was canning.  Her radar worked on homemade bread as well.  When I still had my Yorkies she would knock on my door once in a while and ask if she could visit them.  They loved her and they made her laugh with their antics.  She was a good woman and a good neighbor.

The good part of the phone call was that now there was an apartment available.  My landlord wanted to know if my son wanted it.  Of course, the answer was "Yes."  We both had checked around town for apartments and anything decent was way more expensive.  My landlord includes all utilities except telephone and cable in the rent.  In a climate that can see -20 degrees or colder in the winter and hot, humid days in the summer, having the heat and air conditioning covered is a big deal.  It will be a little while before he can move in as the landlord is having the apartment painted, new carpet installed as well as replacing the old appliances.  But it is a relief to Son to know where he will live.   And it is nice for me to have one of my children within hollering distance.

I have mixed feelings.  I am sad to lose a good neighbor and I feel bad that the apartment became available the way it did.  But at the same time, I am glad for my son because he really wanted to be able to live in this building.  I guess that's just the way life turns out sometimes.


  1. Things just happen and you have to make the best of them. There's so much we don't have any input into.

  2. Harry... There was no way to predict this turn of events. Sometimes we just have to take what we are given and roll with it.

  3. Interesting, Vicki. The Lord blessed Alberta with a release from her cancer, and your family with more living space. Dual blessings.

    Now you have another apartment to fill up with your canned goods. Guess you better get started.


  4. Fern...That is a very good way to look at the situation.
    Later in the day I was bemoaning the fact that I doubted I could fit even one more jar of food on my shelves, when my son reminded me that he would be taking part of the bounty with him when he moves and that we will have two apartments for storage instead of just one. When a person is following the right path, it all seems to work out, doesn't it. :)

  5. I'm sorry to hear of you'rd neighbours' passing. She sounds like she was a good one - not always easy to find.

    Yup, you can now double up on your canning...

  6. Dani...I am sorry, too. Good neighbors are rare these days.

    I knew I was going to have to invest in another shelving unit, but really had no place to put it. It's not just the canning, but also the flour, sugar, oatmeal, salt, pasta, etc. that I stock up on as well. Having my son living next door will be a huge help.

  7. I am sorry to hear of your neighbor passing. Is she the one who came by a few months ago and told you she wanted to see you before she died? Sometime people just have a way of knowing. Now that will be nice to have your son so close. I know you will enjoy being close but having more space. I have been meaning to ask how are your eyes doing? I sure they are doing great just a update please.

  8. Well or one person could look at this way...What A Blessing! Both for your son and your neighbor....She didn't have to suffer and got her ticket to heaven!! And he can have his own space and be close to you!
    God works in mysterious ways!! Much love

  9. Gorges...Yes, they do. Particularly when we believe.

  10. steakandeggs...Yes, that was the very same neighbor. She had gone through cancer treatment once before and she did not want to go through that again. I think she maybe knew. I am humbled to know she wanted to see me before she died.

    I am looking forward to having my own space to myself again and I am sure my son feels the same. It all works out...he helps me out now and then should I need it and he gets a home cooked meal every so often! Plus he benefits from my canning endeavors. And I gain extra storage space. We really didn't think he would be able to live here because once people move in they rarely move out. That isn't due to the fact that the apartments are luxurious - they aren't. It is due to having the best landlord on the face of the earth. We are blessed.

    I had the final appointment for my eyes a short time ago. The surgery was a complete success, giving me distance vision of 20/20 in one eye and 20/40 in the other. Close-up requires reading glasses. I bought three pair as I tend to lose things - a lot. I have adjusted to using the glasses and could not be happier with the results all the way around. Thanks for asking. :)

  11. Mary...That is a really good way to look at the situation. Alberta did not want to go through the cancer treatment again. She had been so weakened from the first time around that I don't see how she could have survived it again. She died before the pain became unbearable. She was a funny old woman. She was gruff in her manner and her way of speaking. Once I figured out that was just her way, I just dished it right back at her and made her laugh. She once knocked on my door and declared that she didn't care about seeing me - she wanted to see those cute little dogs of mine. I said well fine, then and plopped both of them on her lap. She laughed so hard I thought she was in danger of falling off her chair. I will miss her visits.

    I am so very glad that my son will have his own space and that it is right next door. One of the things he hated when he was in the southwest was that he was alone without family nearby. Now we are all fairly close to one another. As much as I hate to admit it, there are times when the stairs present a problem for me, and he is so good to do things like haul out my trash or get my mail. He picks up whatever I need at the store so I don't need to go out unless I want to. And I enjoy cooking for two every so often or baking something I know he will enjoy for a treat. You are right...God does work in mysterious ways. I am so very blessed.

    Love back at you, my friend...

  12. Sorry about the gal next door, but when you reach a certain age one tends to stop and say I've had a good life time to rest. My FIL has that state of mind, hard to talk with someone who has a phd in chemistry and hear him talk about being ready to pass away.

    I imagine the landlord thought it was better to have someone reliable move in the some kids who may cause trouble.

  13. Rob...Yeah, I'm sorry, too. I think she was ready.

    I think I would rather be ready to die than try to fool myself that I'm not. None of us will live forever. When the time is close, some need to talk about it, like Alberta did with me. If it gives them some comfort, then it is OK.

    Shortly after my son moved back home, he talked with the landlord about getting an apartment in this building should one come available. Landlord has known Son for years, and was glad to rent to him. Worked out all the way around.