Thursday, September 17, 2015


it is hard to take.  I'm talking about the constant barrage of bad.

I don't want to see any more videos of mutilated babies.  My heart is already broken when I think of all those lives taken.  Babies who never had the chance to find out who they were.  Or who they could become or what they could accomplish.  Babies who were then cut up like so much meat to be sold.

I don't want to see the latest method the terrorists use to kill people.  It was more than enough to see the beheadings and the crucifying and the burning in a cage and the drowning in a cage.  I don't want to see any more of the dark, evil hatred that lives in the hearts of those who can even think up those new ways to torture human beings.

I really don't want to listen to any more of the snarky insults that presidential candidates toss back and forth like a beach ball.  Are they candidates for the most powerful leader of the free world or are they third graders on the playground.  Hard to tell the difference.

I don't want to hear about any more executive orders done in secret on a Friday afternoon or a holiday weekend.  I particularly don't want to hear about the latest one that promotes the study of behavioral patterns of American citizens.  Really?  And why does our government need to know this?

I don't want to watch any more news reports about the hordes of people crossing borders, both at home and in Europe.  Or about the terrorists making their way into my back yard.  Or about our leaders allowing and encouraging this to happen.

And I really don't want to hear any more Black Lives Matter rhetoric, especially the calling for the killing of our police as recently happened just a few miles from my front door.  I would like to know, however, just who are you going to call to save your backsides when all the police are gone.  I sort of doubt that Sharpton and his ilk are going to come riding in to save the day.

Sometimes I envy those who go blithely on their way, happily ignorant of the turmoil in the world around us.  Maybe there is something to be said for keeping your head buried in the sand.  Or for staying asleep.  But for those of us who are awake and have seen these horrors, these attacks on our God given rights, this calculated effort to ruin America, there is no way to unsee it all.  And what gets to me the most is the knowledge that there is nothing I can do about it.

I can vote, but more and more that seems like a lesson in futility.  We think we are electing people who will make a difference - who will actually care about what the voters think.  Only to discover that about 15 minutes after taking the oath of office, they are ready, willing and able to begin feathering their own nests while leaving us out in the cold.

I know that I need to stay informed.  If I don't know what the danger is, I won't know how to keep away from it or how to meet it head on, whatever the case may be.  But right now I am on news overload.  I don't know whether to scream or cry.

So instead I will pour a glass of milk and grab three freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.  And when the rain stops tomorrow I will go sit on a bench and watch the Minnesota River flow lazily by on its way to the Mississippi.  And I will spend an afternoon sewing quilt pieces together.  And I will write a letter to my granddaughter in the Army, telling her how much her Grandma loves her.  And I will let the world continue to speed ahead toward disaster without my knowing about it.  Just for a day or two.  For sometimes - not very often, but sometimes - that is the only way I can deal with our world without having my head explode.


  1. I think we ALL are starting to feel that way.

  2. Gorges...It likely wouldn't bother me so much if I thought it all was fixable. It just isn't and I think that's the part that weighs folks down.

  3. I usually shut it off on the weekends.... and dread the startup on Monday morning. If it happens while I'm not paying attention, oh well....

  4. Matt...I think we have to get away from it all once in a while. I understand that bad things have always been with us, but lately it seems that bad has turned into pure evil.

  5. As things seem to be coming to a head, I'm trying to stay with it and keep abreast of what's going on. It's not easy, but I find a source of strength in my anger.

  6. Harry, for the most part I try to stay on top of the events surrounding me. Used to be there were one or two threats to deal with. The Russians were going to nuke us all. Then it was Viet Nam. But through it all, we were the good guys. We had honor and patriotism and God on our side. And now it seems we are besieged from all sides, both abroad and at home. Our own leaders are trying to do us in. Sometimes the anger isn't enough. Sometimes the sadness of it all becomes too much and that is when I need to walk away - just for a day or so.
    And then I am back, mad as hell and ready to fight another day.

  7. I feel the same as you about the happenings in the world. I think what bothers most of us is that we have no control to stop it. Can you imagine trying to get your neighbors together to go protest at city hall..never in my life time. So we sit by and watch the slow fall of the society that we treasured and try to prepare to take care of our families. So sad :(

  8. Victoria...Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Not only would it be impossible to interest anyone I know in protesting city hall, most would have no clue as to why a protest would be called for. And they for sure are not preparing for anything. Never in my 69 years of life have I ever seen the world in such a turmoil. And I never, ever thought I would see leaders who were doing their level best to ruin what was once the greatest nation on earth. It saddens me more than I can say to know that my grandchildren will never enjoy the freedom I knew as a child. And you are spot on. I, too, don't know how to stop the direction we are heading at breakneck speed. All I can think to do now is pray.

  9. This is my first comment on your blog. You are so right Vicki. I am weary of all the evil happening in this world. I feel overwhelmed and helpless to do anything about it. I try to talk to my friends/family; they listen to me, but then tend to laugh off what I am saying. I am sure they think I am crazy. Like you said, there is so much going on everyday. We can't even begin to deal with one crisis before another one comes up; I think this is planned by the enemy. I fully believe that our so-called leaders continue to work towards the demise of this country. Unfortunately, we can't change that. My only hope is in God. I have to remind myself daily that He is really in charge. If He can hold the universe in one hand, He can take care of me. Pray for His strength and comfort and assurance. Thank you Vicki. I really enjoy reading your blog. Jana

  10. Jana...Thank you for your comment and welcome. First off, you are not alone. There are lots of us "crazies" out there. I have reached the point where I wear my "craziness" like a badge of honor. It means that I am aware of what is going on around us. It means that even though the powers that be would like us to be distracted, we see through their efforts and understand that whatever they do, it does not bode well for the people. And you are right. We can't change it. That is frustrating for those of us who remember what freedom was like. I hope those who call us crazy are right in believing nothing will ever happen. But I am not willing to bet my family's lives that they are right, which is why I will continue to prepare as much as I can. You are wise to pray for strength and comfort. I do the same. And when the evil around us becomes overwhelming, I will continue to take a day or two break away from the news. After which I will continue to fight in my own way. I refuse to give up.