Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sometimes Just Having a Nice Day is Enough

Not every day needs to be filled with excitement or big accomplishments.

Today was one of those days that featured the mundane.  Dishes were washed.  Floors were swept.  Odds and ends of household chores were done. Groceries were delivered.

When you rely on a service for groceries you don't always get what you want.  Bone in pork chops were on sale and I had ordered two family sized packages.  Sometimes what you get are paper thin chops and you are stuck with them because you ordered the sale chops.  This time they were thick cut and huge.  I repackaged them for the freezer, saving out two for supper.  We baked them with seasonings and barbecue sauce and fried up some potatoes to go with them.  Delicious.

Earlier in the day Son and I tag-teamed baking a cake.  Normally he would have just gone ahead and made it himself, (He was a restaurant cook in another lifetime and knows his way around a kitchen!) but he is still without glasses and can't see much.  I mixed up the batter for a yellow cake.  He buttered the cake pan and spread brown sugar over the butter.  I had a can of pineapple chunks that he opened and then decided to add mandarin oranges as well.  Over the fruit we sprinkled coconut and I poured the cake batter over the whole works.  Forty-five minutes later we had a wonderful smelling dessert.

I had just started washing the supper dishes when the phone rang.  Youngest son was a couple of blocks away and he couldn't remember the code to get in the outside door.  He had a piece of cake with us and we sat and talked, mostly catching up on the activities of his children.  Finally he needed to leave.  It was getting late and he was still an hour from home.  With a hug for his Mom and another for his brother, he was gone.

It has been a quiet evening.  Fall is upon us with nighttime temperatures dropping nearly into the forties.  There was some reading of a murder mystery and some snoozing in my recliner with a heavy crocheted afghan pulled up under my chin and some more reading.

Today I just let the world carry on without me.  Tomorrow I will read the news sources on my computer and get mad at the stupidity of politicians, but for today, I settled for just having a nice day.  And it was enough.


  1. It's nice to grab a bit of peace in the midst of the turmoil of the world. Good for you.


  2. Fern...Yes it is. And sometimes it is necessary to refresh and renew.

  3. I love days like that. It makes life worth living. Your cake sound delicious.

  4. steakandeggs...I love days like that, too. It seems like everybody is so BUSY all of the time. We forget about the simple pleasures. And isn't that what life is really all about?

    Oh...and the cake was delicious for dessert last evening and delicious again for breakfast this morning. :)

  5. A well deserved brake from prepping, and time with the boys.

  6. Rob...I think we all need a day to just let the world go by and enjoy our own time and family.