Friday, April 1, 2016

There was a loud, crashing sound...

that came from the direction of the basement stairs.  This was followed by a scream.  I rushed down the stairs to find one of my elementary school aged children laying sprawled on the floor, covered in.....


The rest of them, laughing uproariously, shouted,

"April Fool, Mom!"

Never a dull moment.  :)


  1. The joke would have been on them if you'd given them a swat on the butt for scaring you. - lol

  2. Not that time, Gorges...I should have known, considering my kids and their senses of humor. :)

  3. heh they got ya :)

    Once I was fixing some electrical outlets that stopped working. I had turned the power off to that room but I acted like the wires were live and started flopping around like a fish to scare my son. OMG it was hilarious he started screaming and was trying to call his grandmother for help :)

  4. PP...Yep, they got me. :) And they still do, once in a while!

    I may have to tell my oldest grandson about your electric wires trick. At age 22 and with his poker face, he probably could pull it off. His mother, my daughter, likely wouldn't forgive me, but even at that, it might be worth it.

  5. Some of us "kids" just never grow up! :o)

  6. Chickenmom...Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional. Wouldn't have it any other way. :)