Friday, September 8, 2017

Friday Ramble

It was a peaceful day here in my little corner of the world.  There was laundry to do and dishes to be washed.  Dust bunnies vanished from a few surfaces.

Yesterday Duane brought me a big bowl of venison chili for supper and I finished it off for lunch.  It was really good.  I am still amazed at what a good cook he turned out to be.  I still remember that his specialty as a child was peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches!

I have been watching Hurricane Irma's advance toward Florida.  That is not going to be pretty.  My heart goes out to those in the path of that storm.  I found out that a cousin in Texas lost her home to the storm that went through there.  Everything was ruined by the flood waters as were the stables for her horses.  She and her husband managed to get their motor home to high ground and they were able to move the horses.  But everything else is either covered in muck or under water.  I feel so bad for them.

In between household chores, I have been entering information into my genealogy program.  I am amazed at the amount of data I have accumulated over the years.  I have been fortunate enough to acquire pictures from other relatives to add to the information.   It is nice to see what those ancestors looked like and many times I can see a family resemblance.

The moving project seems to have come up against several brick walls.  One wall is the price of rent compared to what I pay now.  After I pay my rent which includes all utilities except phone and Internet and after I buy my groceries each month, I still have enough leftover to be able to enjoy life a little bit.  It might be a bit selfish, but I don't want to give that up.  I want to be able to do some of the things that make me happy without having to decide if I want to pay rent or buy groceries.  There was a time in another life where I was hungry.  I won't go back there.

And then there is the problem of home health care.  Medicare will only cover that after a hospitalization.  And there are no home health services that are at all affordable.  My daughter is coming over tomorrow with some paperwork to fill out for County services.  I am not overjoyed about getting involved with any government programs, but I will take a look to see just what is involved.  If they have too many rules and regulations or if they want my soul in payment, it won't happen.

I mention the above just for anyone in my situation to know what we have found here.  It looks like I might just stay put and hire someone to do basic cleaning once a week. I would rather deal with the stairs than become so poor I look longingly at a can of dog food.  :)

Otherwise, all is well.  It has been cool for this time of year.  I turned the heat on a couple of nights ago when I saw it was 51 degrees outside and 62 degrees inside.  I like cool weather, but that was a bit much for this granny.  I am not ready to dig out the long johns just yet!!


  1. Definitely look before you leap, but you know that, obviously.

    1. Gorges...I am being cautious. I won't sign into anything until I know exactly what it is and what it will cost.

      The words that strike terror in my heart are, "I'm from the government and I am here to help."

  2. vicki, you listen to me!
    you have paid taxes all your life, and your kids are paying them now.
    my mom got lovely help here in ohio from the lovely nurses from the aging bureau of the state of ohio.
    she qualified for medicaid as well as the medicare she already had.
    each state is different. mom did not sign away anything, much less her soul [which wasn't hers to give anyway].
    don't approach with trepidation.
    our social workers and nurses were knowledgeable and kind.
    i hope you have as good an experience.

    here is an expensive thought; if the owner allows it could your kids look into costs for one of those stair lifts?
    you sit on it and it rides you up or down the stairs. you have a key and can lock it. also the food delivery can put the boxes on it instead of carrying them up.
    we have one in the church hall.
    you could stay where you like it and your son just down the hall.
    and you could get out to do some walking and use your rollator.
    your bean plant will have to resign itself to window living, though.

    even when mom went to the nursing home -total care alzheimer's - she was allowed to keep 50$ of her s.s. each month for fripperies.
    that just stayed there and has been a help after the funeral.
    she was never much for fripperies and we bought all her clothes.
    you are still young, so please yourself as much as you can.
    if mom had had to have anything like you [leg wrapping] a nurse would have been available for it.
    thanks to God we had the help. could not have done it otherwise.
    so glad you have more than one child--makes things easier on the others if care can be apportioned.

    remember you are not required to sign on to anything. you are just browsing!
    there are plenty of really expensive retirement homes here, way out of our league, but there is very good care to be found for the rest of us, too.
    of course, there are terrible places, too.
    the people in charge of those are going to hell where they will be treated as they have done unto others, for eternity!
    makes you want to be good, doesn't it?

    love to you, debby

    1. deborah...My daughter will be here early next week with the paperwork for me to fill out, and then I should be able to get the details for home health care and housekeeping services. I did look up the website for the county services for the aging and it does look promising. I guess it is the part of me that is loath to ask for help no matter what. And I hate the thought of jumping through hoops or of having anyone tell me what I can or cannot do. That's nothing new. I have been that way my whole life, I'm afraid. But even with that, I will keep an open mind. It is in my best interest to find help with those things that have become unmanageable and even though my kids are great to help out, they also have lives and families and it would be better all around to have help outside the family. I would rather see them for a visit and not a work detail.

      Once the paperwork goes in, the county sends someone to my home for an evaluation to see what services are needed. This will happen in 3 - 4 weeks.
      One of my children needs to be here when that happens. I can see why this is needed. Not everyone my age still has a mind that is clear and verification is needed. I can live with that.

      I had discussed one of those chair lifts with the previous landlord. This building was built in the late 1800's. There are two sets of stairs. One is in two sections with a landing in between where the stairs turn a corner. The other is a set of stairs that is straight. Because of the age of the building, the stairways are way too narrow to accommodate a chair lift.

      So far I don't need constant care. I can still do most things for myself. It is just the two areas where I could use some help. If I live long enough, I may need assisted living or nursing home care, but not just yet. I have heard the horror stories of the bad places but I also know there are some good facilities for those who can no longer live at home. My parents were both in a nursing home and both received excellent care.

      I want you to know how much I appreciate your comments. You obviously put a lot of thought into them and they are a great help, both with your ideas for solutions and for your ability to cheer me up. Sending that love right back at ya!

  3. p.s.-am already wearing the long johns! furnace has cut on for several nights now.
    told john it would be an early winter when the starlings started leaving in august.
    with all these hurricanes i wonder if there will be ice on the roads in the next couple of months.
    hoping to go to 50th high school reunion end of month-depends on weather. it will be my first reunion and probably last.
    looked at pictures on line and don't recognize most and know i won't be recognized.
    a couple years ago husband showed me a snap of him and daughter.
    i asked who's that old lady in the snap--it was me! horrors and chagrin!!

    1. I haven't dug out the long johns yet, but the sweatshirts and flannel shirts are in use. I wondered about an early winter when the geese began flying south in August. They usually leave much later, and I haven't heard any more since then.

      There is one advantage to being somewhat homebound in Minnesota. I no longer have to deal with icy sidewalks and roads. Or blizzards. A blizzard can knock out the power, but I am prepared for that event. I can watch all the nasty weather from my rocking chair, cup of coffee in hand. :)

      I can relate to that 'old lady' in your picture. There is an old lady who lives in my bathroom mirror. Looks like my grandmother except for the hair. Mine is gray with a few dark brown strands left, whereas Grandma's hair was a beautiful white. Still startles me sometimes when I realize that it is me in the mirror.

    2. geese are gathering here. noticed them on wednesday as we drove near where they gather. may have been gathering for a while but we don't see them in our area.

      you can tell i don't look in the mirror much.
      i had a hip replaced in april last year.
      the lighting and mirror were excellent in the nursing home bathroom.
      i did not look in it again.
      i kept telling my daughter, 'i am old!.'.
      she kept telling me, 'mom, you have been old for a long time!'.

    3. Deborah...I stay away from mirrors as much as I can. It is bad enough to see the old age spots and wrinkles on my hands. But even with all that, life is still well worth living. One of my kids once asked me why I didn't color my gray hair. I told him that he had been responsible for most of them, so now he could just look at them. (He was the naughtiest of the four as a child.) Truth be known, I am enjoying this retirement thing, even with the physical problems. My time is my own and I can do what I want with it. That's a good thing. :)

  4. No long johns just yet, but flannel shirts and flannel jammies are out some nights. I hope all goes well with everything. It's always good to read that there are bloggers who still do housework. I'm taking over my kitchen this next week.

    1. Kristina...I realized that I need some flannel night wear, when you mentioned the jammies. I have a pattern here somewhere for jammies and nightgowns. I think I will have to find it and order some flannel and make some for myself. A couple of years ago I looked for nightwear but could find only those made from t-shirt material. There is nothing like cozy flannel for cold, winter evenings.

      Glad to hear you are able to reclaim your kitchen. I have never had help with housework except for the chores the kids did when young. I always joked that I really needed a maid. Having someone help with housework is, to me, the ultimate luxury. :)

    2. bothering you again.
      on the flannel; haven't seen decent flannel in years.
      if you have $$$ try to order 13 oz. all cotton sheets. if you cannot get 13 oz. try for 9 oz.
      awfully $$ but good quality [usually from portugal but haven't had any for years since penney's stopped the catalog].
      might try canadian suppliers. we got our winter clothes from them. made to last and really repels the cold.

    3. Deborah...You are never, ever a bother. I am glad you feel free to comment as much as you like.

      There is a Joann Fabrics store close by that carries a line of flannel that is good enough for nightgowns and jammies. I have been thinking about ordering sheets to use as quilt backs - both cotton and flannel. I wasn't sure just what to look for, but your description helps. Thanks.

  5. i too am older. my daughter lives 40 minutes away. i live alone but have a lady who comes to clean when i need her. i have a star chair that takes me up to the next floor. my daughter bought it for me. i am happy in my own place. don't move , just change things up a bit

    1. dindin...Thanks for the advice. It is beginning to look like moving may not be in the cards. Truth be known, I really like my little apartment. It is affordable and I have a good landlord. Both of those things are scarce as hens teeth around here. Perhaps some adjustments can be made. I hope so.

  6. The things you will sign are not a commitment, just to see if you qualify. And, to see what you need in the way of help with daily living and personal care. I really wish you had grass. Maybe you could grow some in your

    1. Linda...I won't sign up for anything until I am sure it is what I need. Their assessment in 3-4 weeks will tell if I qualify and if they have services that fit my needs. I hope it all works out.

      Not too long ago I was watching a video and noticed the person talking had a low, square planter sitting on their desk. Green grass was growing in the planter. I may have to give that a try!!

      By the way, I have one pot left from my earlier planting. It is the one with green bell peppers in it. This morning I noticed what look to be itty bitty peppers forming on some of the stalks. I hope I can keep those alive long enough to pick some green peppers. :)

  7. Cozy flannel sounds nice. Today is our second day in a row of rain/drizzle. It is very welcome after our heat and smokey air. I actually had to put on a sweatshirt this morning when I took the dog out for his first walk of the day.
    Sounds like you and your kids have been busy seeing what is available for housing and other services. I'm sure it's not easy to figure everything out.
    I'm just starting to look into Medicare and feel a bit overwhelmed truth be told. When I qualify for it, I may be able to move back to the states and closer to family. I hear you, though, on making your budget work. I may be able to afford that healthcare but then I'm not sure I'd be able to afford housing, or anything else. What a challenge.
    Thanks so for the update.
    And about the hurricane. I keep remembering the saying 'don't get on the bus'. I'm putting together a shopping list to fill some gaps in my own 'pantry'. Batteries are at the top of my list for next week.
    Cheers, SJ

  8. SJ...I expect we will have a few more warmer days, but I sure do like me some snuggly flannels when the snow flies. It is still cooler than normal here, but very little rain.

    So far it is not looking good to move. I won't spend more than I am right now or it messes up my budget something fierce. And, dammit, I want to enjoy life some, even I am pretty much housebound. I want to be able to order a pizza once in a while or buy fabric for snuggly flannel night gowns. I didn't work hard all those years just to sit here and exist. I have seen too many folks of my vintage sitting in their little apartments watching TV by the hour. Nothing wrong with TV, you understand. But I need to be doing - not just watching. That takes a bit of cash for fabric, yarn, canning jars, etc. I can do that now and I will not give it up. (soapbox - back into corner).

    So far Medicare is working for me. I have had very few bills that weren't covered. Those were mostly for tests. The jury is still out on the prescription coverage. I suppose if the time comes when I need some expensive medication, I will be glad I have it.

    I feel the same way about 'don't get on the bus.' I have a 'need to do' list that includes batteries and something more for lighting (more candles - oil lamps, etc.). I'm not sure we can ever be completely prepared, but if we have done enough so the bus can pass us by, I'm ok with that. :)

  9. I know for one thing, you are like my grand parents, and Mom Dad In Law. You want your FREEDOM. You could always bribe family to do some lite cleaning twice a month, with some of Mom's/Grandma's great home cooking, and baked goodies

    1. are right. It gnaws at me that I have to have help at all. So I try to save whatever bits of independence I can. I know my family would help. My son, the one who lives next door, does help me a lot. And I know that whatever I need, any one of the rest are right there. But they have jobs and families and obligations. I don't like to add to that. I would rather hire the work done and see my kids and grands when they come to visit - not to work.