Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Good Day For Baking

I woke up early this morning to the sound of rain falling and thunder rumbling.  I had thought about making a run to Target for a few things, but waiting for a bus in the rain is not high on my list of fun things to do.  I have been told on occasion that because I am not made of sugar, I will not melt in the rain.  But still, decided to postpone that little excursion.

Seemed like a good day to do some baking.  I had stocked up on bananas as I had a craving for banana bread.  When I bake, I usually make enough to put some by in the freezer.  This notion comes from my Mom.  Whenever she did any baking, she always made enough to stock the freezer.  Her reasoning was that if she did this, she would always have baked goodies on hand if company came to call.  My reasoning is that if I bake a lot at one time, I only have to clean up the mess once.  Makes sense to me.

I tried a new banana bread recipe.  It comes from the "Chickens in the Road" blog that I read every day.  The link is in my list of blogs I follow.  The lady who writes it lives on a remote farm in West Virginia, and I love reading about her life there.  Makes me wish I could do the same thing here in Minnesota, and reminds me of a time when I did.  She has some awesome recipes for down home cooking and baking, and I find myself using those recipes more and more often.  I have never been disappointed in the results.

So this morning I took this........

and turned it into this.

One of these loaves will not make it to the freezer.  Didn't even survive in one piece long enough for a picture.  It is probably the best tasting banana bread I have ever made.  A couple of slices and a cup of coffee made a good breakfast.  And should any of my kids decide to stop by, I think there might just be a loaf in my freezer with your name on it.


  1. I hope you saved some for us if we decide to stop by.

  2. Can I have a peice? Love Boston

  3. You can have the whole loaf. Love, Grandma