Thursday, September 9, 2010

They Walked For Their Friend

Toward the end of August, my dear daughter-in-law Staci was part of a team that participated in the 60-mile walk to raise money to fight breast cancer. She and her friends walked under the name of "Belle's Angels," in memory of their friend Shelly, whose nickname was Belle, and who had died of that terrible disease not all that long ago.

They walked the entire route in 90+ degree weather, in humidity thick enough to cut with a knife and raised innumerable blisters on their feet. In spite of this, they walked. And they finished. And I am so very proud of them.

Staci was away from home for three days. David and the kids cheered her on. And missed her while she was gone. And were proud of her. And were happy to have her home again.

Congratulations to "Belle's Angels." I can think of no better way to honor your friend.

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