Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Salsa and Tomatoes

A couple of weeks ago, David called me to ask a couple of questions about the process of home canning foods.  He had, in the spring, planted a small garden.  Frankly, when I saw it, I didn't give much hope for it producing much.  It was located along the side of his house and didn't receive much direct sunlight.  But he enjoyed it and the kids did, too, so who was I to rain on their parade, as it were.

Much to my surprise, that little garden lived up to their expectations.  His family ate their fill of sweet corn and tomatoes, all grown in their little garden.  He had enough produce left over to can this salsa.......

and these tomatoes.

I am impressed.  I thought that home canning was done only by those of my vintage.  For us, it had been a way of life and a necessity in order to feed our families.  My generation and my parents' generation grew large gardens and canned enough produce to last the winter.  I remember canning both chicken and venison, making jelly and pickles, and canning a variety of fruit.  The taste was far superior to that of store bought, and without the added ingredients whose names I can not even begin to pronounce.

Not all of the old way of doing things were good.  But this one is, and I am glad to see it being carried on.

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  1. Do you want the recipe? Plus the corn salsa was amazing.