Saturday, June 2, 2012

Farmer's Market Goodness

So this morning my phone rings.  It is Number One Son, and he and Becky are at the Farmer's Market.  They have found a few things I might be interested in.  Should he get them for me?  Well, of course!

A while later they are at my apartment with goodies.  A bag of rhubarb, some parsley, dill and cilantro and (be still my heart) fresh asparagus.  I dearly love fresh asparagus.

After we went to the neighborhood restaurant for breakfast, Duane and Becky left for an afternoon of fishing, and I went to work on the Farmer's Market Goodness.  I washed the rhubarb, sliced it into one inch pieces and bagged it up for the freezer.  The rhubarb will go well with strawberries later on, for pie filling, sauce or jam.  Then I washed the parsley, picked off the leaves and got them to drying in the dehydrator.  I will dry the dill and cilantro when the parsley is finished.

That left the asparagus.  I cut the spears into one inch pieces, blanched them and bagged those up to go in the freezer.  But I saved out enough for my all time favorite comfort food, creamed asparagus on toast.  When my family lived on the farm, we had a patch of asparagus that grew down by the garden.  Mom and I would always freeze most of it, but sometimes she would make creamed asparagus on toast for supper.  It was one of my favorite meals, and still is.  I always thought that she made it because we liked it, and that was probably part of the reason, but as I grew older and was feeding my own family, I realized that this was one way that she made the asparagus go farther.

I would have taken a picture or saved you some, but it just didn't last that long!