Thursday, May 31, 2012

Guardian Protector.....Not So Much

I have thought of Lily, my tiny Yorkie, as my guardian protector.  She barks at trucks that go past my windows.  She barks whenever someone is in the hallway outside my apartment door.  She even barks sometimes when the phone rings.  "What a dog," I thought.  "Only weighs 9 pounds and protects me like that."

I was wrong.

I started watching her when she was in protection mode.  She would bark like crazy and then head straight for her food dish, take a mouthful of kibble, trot off to her little bed in the living room, and hide the food under her blanket.  When I looked, she had about a day and a half worth of dry dog food hidden among the folds of the blanket.  Little stinker was in no way protecting me.  But God help anything that tried to get her food!

My landlord, Steve, just laughs at her when she barks at him.  She sees him once every month when he stops by to collect the rent.  She knows him.  And yet she barks at him.  I told him about what a wonderful protector she turned out to be, and that an intruder could carry me off and it wouldn't bother her in the least, as long as that same intruder didn't mess with her food.  "Well," he said, laughing, "she may not be much of a protector, but she is a really good early warning system."

I suppose there is something to be said for having your very own personal early warning system.  Guess I'll keep her!

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