Tuesday, September 2, 2014

School Starts

This is my obligatory grandkids start school post.  I do this every year because they get a kick out of seeing themselves on Grandma's blog.  And because I know that if I post the pictures here, I won't lose them.  And because I'm a Grandma and that's what we do.  It's our job.

Zach is in 9th grade this year. 

Boston started 7th grade.

Maddie is in 5th grade.

And Jacob starts 1st grade.

My granddaughter Nicki is a senior this year as well as working at a Subway.  She won't let anyone take first day of school pictures any more.  My oldest grandson, Chris, has graduated and is among the gainfully employed working for a landscaping company.

I am proud of you all.
Love, Grandma


  1. Oh, Vicki. You gave me chills when you said you keep your photos on your blog because they're safe. NO! They're not.

    I kept ALL of my photos and even ones of my deceased family members on my original LIFE IS GOOD blog. One day a vengeful sort of no-good figured out my password (easy enough. It was my dog's name *hand slap to head*) and highjacked my blog AND email account AND facebook account.

    He did irreparable damage by doing posts in my name that were pornography: sending out emails as me, and leaving comments on facebook. Those who knew me well kept saying "What has happened to you?" Those who did not know me that well thought it was me going rogue.

    I don't miss the people who left, but those photos can never be replaced.

    You can make a free account at photobucket.com for your photos as well as other photo sites.

    Jeese. You nearly gave me a heart attack. Those are gorgeous grandkids and I don't want you losing photos of them.

  2. Dana... Didn't mean to scare you. Take a deep breath. You'll be fine!
    I keep photos on my computer hard drive. I keep them on a backup hard drive. And I put them on a DVD every few months. I also keep copies of every blog post both on my computer and the backup drive. That includes the photos.
    I haven't bought my new computer yet, but when I do this month, I'm also getting a handful of USB flash drives and I will use those for copies for each of my kids. Plus they will be good for storing my ancestor photos, relatives photos, and other categories. I won't lose them. They are too important to me.

  3. Well NOW don't I feel stupid. And to think I could have saved myself all that misery where the photos were concerned. I do that NOW, backing up to a flash drive. You're one wickedly smart woman, Vicki.

  4. Dana...No, that was my fault. I was putting this post together quickly after I got the kid's photos off FB this morning, because I had lots of other stuff to get done today. If I had paid better attention to the wording, you wouldn't have thought I trust just this blog for photos. My dumb - not yours. I really appreciate the trouble you went to in letting me know what happened to you. People can be really mean for no good reason, can't they - the one who messed up your blog.

  5. Thank you, Gorges. They are all good kids. I feel very blessed.