Monday, September 1, 2014

What Are Those

So I was going through the check-out at the grocery the other day.  My purchases included boxes of canning lids...about a dozen of each size.  The sweet young thing behind the counter asked me what they were.  I told her they were canning lids.  She said, "Oh, cool.  I didn't know there were lids for closing an open soup can."


I have to wonder how many folks have no earthly idea about home canning.
Or how to sew on a button.
Or how to patch a pair of jeans.
Or how to darn a sock.
Or how to dehydrate food.
Or how to wash clothes without a washer and dryer.
Or own clothespins.
Or how to wash dishes by hand.
Or how to plant a garden.
Or how to forage for wild berries.
Or how to knit a pair of mittens.
Or how to crochet a warm scarf or hat.
Or how to cook from scratch.
Or how to bake a loaf of bread.
Or how to write a letter using paper and a pen.
Or how to do much of anything that doesn't involve electronics.

They had better learn.


  1. Gorges...My parents lived through the Great Depression. Skills like these kept them going. So many today haven't a clue and will be in deep trouble should there be another crash.

  2. Kids these days, soon they won't know what a book is either.

  3. Rob...Exactly. Why bother reading a book when you can sit and watch a video. Sadly, it is not just the kids.

  4. So many are oblivious!!
    I have had you in my thoughts girly! I do hope you are feeling better..xoxo

  5. Mary...I guess I shouldn't have been surprised at what the check-out girl said. Sometimes you just have to shake your head and move on.
    Thanks for the thoughts. I am just fine. Kind of being a slug today as buses won't be running again until tomorrow. Then it is back to shuttling back and forth to the grocery to continue the restocking of my pantry. I just have this feeling that time can't be wasted. Hugs back at you, my friend.

  6. I can't crochet mittens, but I can knit socks...does that count instead? Seriously, I have a sense of urgency, too. Luckily we have a co-op where we can buy in bulk on the cheap.

  7. Tewshooz...If you can knit socks, you're ahead of me. I can do the other stuff, but not socks.....yet. I just think there is so much going on around us these days that it probably would be a good idea to not put off until tomorrow - anything. Things are just too uncertain.

  8. She needs a set of Foxfire books for her birthday.

  9. I've been thinking about asking Santa for a set of Foxfire books for Christmas this year. Or just go to the book store and get myself a set. Had them years ago, but don't know what happened to them. They are books I have read and re-read and will read again.

  10. At 24 (almost 25) I can do just about all of the things you listed. I can't knit or crochet (all thumbs) but I can sew, I can cook from scratch, I can plant a garden, and more. I prefer real books over ebooks (but ease of use when I was breastfeeding my kids meant ebooks are soooo much better!) I can go out and kill my own meat using firearms, bow and arrow, or a variety of traps and snares. I know how to patch someone up without panicking... or puking. I can field dress a variety of animals, I have slaughtered my own chickens and turkeys... and a duck. I've done the same with a goat and with rabbits. I refuse to be around when a pig is being slaughtered however. I haven't had the opportunity to can in years, but my Nana used to when I was little and I loved to help her. My favorite was chokecherry jam.

  11. Desainya DragonWolf...I think you are far and away ahead of most of the general population, with the possible exception of a few of us oldies who grew up doing all of these things as a matter of course. Sometimes I get discouraged when I think about how tough it will be for so many that don't know even the basics of taking care of their own selves without all of the modern conveniences and shopping malls. I have trouble being around the killing of an animal, but have no doubt that I can do it if I have to. I would love to see more kids learning from their Nanas like you did. And chokecherry jam...the absolute best, but pincherry comes in a close second. :)