Wednesday, September 3, 2014

This Is Why...

I don't go to the Minnesota State Fair.

Photos from the CBS affiliate in Minneapolis (WCCO TV).


  1. Harry...For those of us who aren't all that fond of people, that would be an absolute Hell. The pictures accompanied an article bragging on the record-breaking attendance this year.

  2. There are people I know who always say: "Look at that crowd! Let's go see what's going on!"

    Me? I say: "Look at that crowd!" and I practically run in the opposite direction. The Harvest Homecoming in Indiana is one of the largest of its type and people come from many miles away to get in the midst of it. I used to go when it was small and local, but felt I had been run off by the hordes of people walking down the CENTER, not even being able to see the booths due to the body count.

    To me, crowds equal claustrophobia and the opportunity for violence.

  3. Dana...I'm with you. I'm not overly fond of most people anyway, and vast numbers of them make me want to run (assuming I could run any more [grin]) the other direction, screaming all the way. I put up with the crowds of people at my granddaughter's dance recitals because I love my granddaughters. But any situation where there are wall to wall people makes me a bit crazy.

    I might have made a pretty decent hermit!

  4. Hey its just like going to Disney World but 3/4 of the current price of admission there @100.00 a day per park. Foods cheaper too. In 12 days they set a record of 1.8 million people.

  5. Rob...I've never been to Disney either! All but one of my grands have and they loved the experience. The thought of all those people packed into one area gives me the screaming me-mes. I'm a whole lot happier sitting at the end of a dock, fishing rod in hand, miles from the nearest human being.