Saturday, November 1, 2014

Chipotle Burrito

This was posted on Facebook this morning.

The kids look great.  All excited for an evening of Tricks or Treats.  But what made me laugh out loud was the sight of my son dressed up as a Chipotle burrito.  It is sort of an inside joke.  He can be found at Chipotle's quite often during his lunch time.

If my kids inherited only one characteristic, I'm glad it was a sense of humor.


  1. It looks cold over there LOL

    Hope their Trick or Treating was "rewarding" ;)

  2. Dani...It is a bit nippy - 29 degrees F about 8 AM. Another month and this will look like a heat wave!
    I'm pretty sure the kids were well "rewarded." :)

  3. We took Sam out for only 45 min. By 8 pm everyone was done around here.

    WM Hutch has turkeys for .88 a lb. We scored a 9 lb pork roast for tomorrow. Oh turn your clocks back tonight.

  4. I'll bet Sam had fun, even with it being cold.

    I hope turkeys will go on sale here soon. Sounds like you did well in the meat department!! A pork roast really sounds good. Thanks for the clock reminder. I'm going to go change them now before I forget again!

  5. Remember the old advertisement jingle "Oh, I'm glad I'm not an Oscar Meyer Wiener, that is what I'd never want to be!"

    "For if I was an Oscar Meyer Wiener, there would soon be nothing left of me!"

    Maybe they could make one up for Chipotle Burritos!

  6. Harry...I remember that jingle. I even remember the tune, which kind of scares me. He could have a second career as a burrito spokesperson!!

    David said he had more fun with his kids wrapping him up in tin foil than he had wearing the costume.

  7. I wish I hadn't read Harry's I've got the other jingle in my head: The one that ends with "BALOGNA" being spelled out.

    In Indiana, when I was a kid, there would be a hot air balloon fly overhead occasionally and we'd hear "EARLER'S" being whispered in the air, for Earler's Beer. I can still hear it.

  8. Dana...I would be hard pressed to tell you what happened the day before yesterday, but I can remember commercials from 50 years ago. Scares me sometimes! I remember BOLOGNA and PLOP, PLOP, FIZZ, FIZZ. OH WHAT A RELIEF IT IS and WHICH TWIN HAS THE TONI. Damn. Gonna have all that useless information circling around in my brain for a while now.

  9. Use Ajax, bom bom, the foaming cleanser. wash the dirt, right down the drain. My dad had the deepest voice and he'd sing that to me at bedtime just to hear me giggle.