Monday, February 9, 2015

Darn It!

Anybody know what these are?

They are called darning eggs.  A sock with a hole in the heel or toe is pulled over the darning egg which gives a stable foundation for darning the hole.

I wonder how many sewing kits today include darning needles and thread.  My mother always had a good supply for fixing holes in socks.  We didn't just toss socks when a hole appeared.  We fixed the hole and wore the sock until it couldn't be fixed any more.

We didn't have a darning egg.  That was a luxury.  We had burned out light bulbs that served the purpose just fine.

And I wonder how many of today's young even know what darning is.  I have my doubts that there are any.  We wear a hole in a sock and toss it.  I find it sad that we live in a throwaway society.  So much waste.

Me...I'm glad that I know how to fix socks, replace zippers, sew up seams and patch pants knees.  I might not have the newest or most fancy clothes on the block, but they are without holes and rips and tears.

Oh yeah.  I forgot.  That's the style now, isn't it.  Silly me.


  1. i never learnt to darn socks. Perhaps my dislike of sewing influenced that ;)

  2. Dani...You are probably right. I enjoy sewing, so darning socks was never a chore.

  3. I though they are used to keep the family in line...LOL. Socks are so cheaply made these days i just toss mine away.

  4. Rob...Yeah, most people just toss socks and other clothing items instead of repairing them. Guess I am a cult of one who would rather fix than buy new.

  5. I thought they were Amish stick grenades.

  6. Good guess, Harry!! Chuckle, snort.