Friday, February 27, 2015


Had a small setback this morning.  Nothing serious, but I find I will not be let loose on the general population quite as soon as I would like.  New skin that has grown over wounds is fragile and can split.  And it did, so more time to heal is required.  Drat!

Anyway, I was trying to keep my mind occupied with some genealogy research after my leg was bandaged up again.  Wasn't working very well.  I was on  the brink of feeling sorry for myself when the phone rang.

The word "friend" doesn't always refer to someone we have known since school days.  Friend can mean someone we have never met in person, but have gotten to know through our blogs.  She reads mine.  I read hers.  We have exchanged comments and emails.  She worried about me enough when I was in the hospital to call and leave a message for me.  I worry about her living in a drafty house when the snow falls and the wind blows.  We both have senses of humor that mesh.

She called me today.  We chatted about everything and nothing.  We laughed at the crazy drivers on icy roads in her part of the country and mine.  We talked about what each of us had been doing.  We talked about upcoming events.  We marveled at what a small world we live in where a friend of hers lives about 10 miles from the town in northern Minnesota where my brother lives and within 25 miles from where my family is from.

And I forgot all about feeling sorry for myself.

Thank you, Mary.  I wonder if you have any idea what that call meant to me and how much it cheered me up when I really needed it.


  1. Sorry to hear of your minor setback. Hope it heals over again quickly, Vicki.

    I couldn't agree more - blog friends are very special people :)

  2. Thanks, Dani. It is just a minor thing. I try to keep a good attitude, but sometimes I fail. That call came when I needed it the most. And you are right. I have found that many of my blog friends are better friends than some I have known in person for years!

  3. Yes He does, Gorges.
    And most times when a person needs it the most.

  4. Don't be in such a rush to recover. The kids these days are such pains. I'm sorry that I haven't at lest emailed you. I try to do so much some stuff and friends get left behind. It took me a couple of months to heal last summer with my foot. When I had my OJI back in 2003 it was 10 months before I went back to work full time.

  5. Rob...I know you are right. Patience doesn't seem to be one of my virtues, but I am trying. I have never had anything keep me down this long, so what little patience I do have is being stretched to the limit. Guess I will just have to learn to adapt. (grin)

  6. XOXO...good for my soul too!
    Congrats to your granddaughter may she serve successful!

  7. Thanks, Mary...Nicki is serious about the Army - so much so that she signed up for 8 years instead of the usual 4. She plans to train as a medic and I think she will do well.