Saturday, January 30, 2016

Be Back Soon

This cold of mine seems to have settled in and made itself at home.  As a result, I am taking a few days to be a layabout.  Lots of liquids, mostly of the tea and juice variety, chicken soup and rest.  There is nothing life threatening going on here - just a bugger of a bad cold.  Which leaves my body tired and my brain foggy.  If it doesn't start to clear up in a few days I will drag myself to my local pill-pusher's office.  I have never understood why a person who is too sick to function normally should have to sit in a waiting room full of people who are too sick to function normally.  If doctors still made house calls, I would likely be more apt to see one when ill.

I'll be back when the aches subside and the fog lifts.  Until then, visit those folks on the side bar.  They have lots of good things to say.


  1. Try whiskey. Like they say, you may not improve, but you really won't care.

  2. Healing blessings for you. Rest well. Fern

  3. Mom, If there is anything you need or want just let me know. Duane

  4. I will, Rob...Mostly being a lazy bum today.

    Gorges...Alcohol and I are not friends, or I might be tempted to try your cure. :)

    Thank you, Fern...Been resting most of the day and will shortly go back to snuggling up with my warm blanket.

    Duane...Thanks, Son. I'm OK and need nothing now. It is nice to know that help is close if needed.

  5. Years ago, I had a cold that started the day after Thanksgiving, and hung into the new year. I'd have good days, and then it would return with a vengeance.

    While talking to an old guard, while signing into an industrial facility, I recollected the month, and the numerous over the counter medicines I tried to no avail.

    "You need to eat a raw mustard green leaf."

    I thought about the advice, and decided I had nothing to lose, and plenty to gain.

    That evening, after a stop at the market, I had my mustard green leaf to try.

    I can only describe it as more than pungent, bitter, and far from tasty; but the result was draining sinuses and some relief.

    The next day was better, and the cold soon went away.

    I can't recommend the cure, since it might have been coincidence, but I can relate my experience for those tired of a cold.

  6. It's the time of year for that kind of illness. I hope you get over it soon.

  7. Jess...I have heard of an old-timey cure for congestion called a mustard plaster, but had not heard of eating a mustard leaf. You never know. Sometimes those old home remedies are a lot better than the over the counter stuff on the market.

  8. Thanks, Harry...About every other winter I get a humdinger of a cold. This one is just kind of hanging on. Don't bounce back quite as fast as I once did. :)