Sunday, January 17, 2016

Mind Numbing Cold

Minus 15 degrees this morning.  Even though I am indoors where it is warm, the drop in temperature seems to kick this old, arthritic backside.   I'm not going to complain.  Our local news reports that two people so far have died due to exposure to the cold.  Sure am glad I bought a back-up propane space heater, just in case.

Hot cup of coffee.
Green fuzzy blanket.
Favorite recliner.
Good book.
Turkey vegetable soup in the crock pot.

Sounds like a plan to me.


  1. Stay warm and most definitely stay indoors. We are not nearly that cold this morning at about 25, but we had our sub-zero temps earlier in the month. I'm like you, I have a couple of propane heaters to use if we should lose power.

  2. Jim...I don't plan on going outdoors any time soon - maybe in April. :)
    The wind chill factor this morning is minus 31. Were it not for the fact that all my kids and grands live close by, I might consider a much warmer climate.

    I think I will add a second propane heater come spring when they go on sale. I only have a small area to heat, but when we get this kind of cold on a regular basis, a backup is a good thing.

  3. Gorges...On a day like today, anything that does not involve going outdoors is a really good plan. :)

  4. You are right to stay indoors, Ive had to be out taking the kids to work/school. Our heat is set at 65 at night and I try to keep it there during the day. I spend my day in sweat pants and sweat shirt and two pairs of sox's. We did have some car trouble won't start after running around all day. Turned out lose battery cables, but that cost us $50 as we had a loaner car for a few hours. Could have been worse, I was thinking $300 to $500 repair. Look at the bright side January is half over February is near witch means spring training for baseball, and that is a warm weather sport.

  5. Rob...This kind of cold seems to penetrate everything.....even indoors. My thermostat is set at 70 degrees and unless I am bundled up like you are, I feel cold. Glad your car repairs weren't any worse. This kind of cold is tough on vehicles, as you know. Spring.....bring it on! :)

  6. Brrrr,stay safe. Don't you just love the crockpot? When I moved, I got rid of all my family size ones and now have one that is just the perfect size for me.
    Come spring sales, you might consider an electric lap blanket. I splurged last year and love mine. Mine is made by Sunbeam and is, funny enough, the same color as my golden! haha..
    SJ in Vancouver BC Canada

  7. SJ...I hear it is supposed to warm up some in the next few days - if January in Minnesota can ever be considered warm!

    I love my crock pot, too. I use it more in the summer to keep my apartment from heating up too much while cooking. As usual, I made too much soup, so I will probably either can or freeze the leftovers tomorrow.

    I guess I don't get out much, for I didn't know there was such a thing as an electric lap blanket! What a good idea. Perfect for these cold days. You are a wise woman to have it the color of the dog. I can't tell you the number of times I wished blankets, furniture, etc. were the color of the current crop of pet fur. :)

  8. A good book, hot tea and warm blanket are always the answer to cold weather. It has been rather cold here as well and my electric throw blanket is now my best friend. Stay indoors while you can and bundle up good if you must go out, it is brutally cold. Warm wishes!

    Melinda Rose @ Phoenix South HVAC