Thursday, January 7, 2016

Blog Post Slacker

Yep.....that's me.  I've been busy and have spent little time at my computer lately.  That's my excuse and I'm going with it.

My TV stand got emptied and moved to Son's apartment.  He is making good use of it.  It took a day to find a home for everything I had stored in it and another day to recover from the lifting and moving and sorting.  I don't bounce back as well as I once did.  There is still a stack of stuff to go into a closet as soon as I finish cleaning the closet out.  A couple of trash bags full went out to the dumpster and that helped.  If anyone is old enough to remember "Fibber Mcgee's Closet," they will understand why mine is taking time to sort through.  I didn't have anything falling on my head when I opened the door, but it was close.

Son helped me move my desk and I put two of the leaves in to give me a large work area for sewing.  I like it.  I especially like the part where I can keep my sewing machine set up as opposed to having to move it from my kitchen table so often.  This arrangement will work well.

The cleaning of the chest freezer is proceeding at a slow rate.  So far I have unearthed a stray pork chop, hidden beneath bags of cranberries, that made a good supper.  And a couple bags of frozen vegetables I had forgotten about.  Hope springs eternal that there are at least a couple of chickens under there somewhere.   Turning cranberries into juice to can is time consuming, so I expect to be at it for a while.

This week onions were on sale, so I ordered 12 lbs.  Tomorrow I will peel and chop them and get them to drying in the dehydrators. Drying them seems to be the best way for me to keep onions.  I will hold out a couple to use fresh, but I like having the dried onions on hand and I mostly use them in that form.

I have noticed something about the grocery store lately.  The sale ads run from Sunday to Saturday.  Used to be that whatever the store had on sale, there was plenty to last the length of the sale.  More often than not these days I get a phone call from the person who does my shopping, telling me the store is out of at least one sale item from my order.  This week they were out of fresh chicken breast.  No substitutions or rain checks.  And this was only Wednesday.  I have to wonder if this is a sign of things to come.

Time to get busy again.  Son called earlier wanting to know if I needed anything from the store.  I said I didn't, but would he like a BLT and homemade french fries for supper.  He allowed as to thinking he probably could choke them down!  :)   

Sometimes a person just has to go for the taste good thing.  I love fries.


  1. Welcome back. Sounds like you are having a very productive time. Way to go!
    Your comment about shortages of sale items mirrors my own experience recently. Fortunately, the store still gives rain checks. This store allows 90 days to redeem the rain check. Hopefully the items will be restocked by then. Another store went to a 10 day redemption period and frequently has not restocked the sale item. Makes me wonder, like you said, what is going on.
    SJ in Vancouver BC Canada

  2. SJ...I'm not sure just how productive I am.....I do know it seems to take me twice as long to accomplish anything! I'm not sure just what my store policy on rain checks is now, but I do know they seem to run out of sale items fairly regularly. I have heard others say that it seems store shelves in other areas aren't as fully stocked as they once were. I haven't noticed that here, but I have to wonder about it. We often hear about empty shelves just before a storm and we hear that stores no longer keep a fully stocked warehouse like they once did. I don't know. Maybe it is just my paranoia kicking in, but I think you know as well as I do that something is in the wind and it ain't anything good.

  3. We have to take time out for life, Vicki, otherwise there is nothing to write about....


  4. I think even the the folks with their heads in the sand are starting to put a little back "just in case."

  5. You are right, Fern...Sometimes it is mundane, everyday chores that keep us grounded and help to counter the surrounding insanity.

  6. I hope you are right, Gorges. Isn't it sort of funny that only a generation or two ago, putting back food and supplies "just in case" was commonplace instead of unusual.

  7. Grocery stores don't get me started, now that youngest works at our local one. Bottom line its the person who orders for that store or in our case 4 stores, and one being a Cub Foods, under estimates the need or amount being bought by the consumer. Over Christmas/New Years Scott said they ran out of some "fresh" produce. The other day Scott was waiting on the dairy delivery. Showed up about 30 min after I talked with him (10:30). Yesterday they waited on a cheese delivery, not sure when that showed up.

  8. Rob...It is hard to know what the reasons are for shortages. Could be just human error or perhaps the ones doing the ordering need to be more cautious now about ordering due to the economy. A number of years ago I did the ordering for a small store and I didn't get it right every time, either! Whatever the causes, it is just one more reason to stay stocked up at home. It would have been nice to get the fresh chicken breast I ordered, but it didn't hurt me any as I have so much canned chicken on my shelves.