Sunday, February 7, 2016

How Long...

until the November election?  Not soon enough.

I read a variety of news reports daily.  I read both main stream and alternative sources.  This morning I read about the name calling and the one liner zingers and the poll numbers.  And then I read about the tiresome excuses.

I didn't read about how any one candidate is going to make my life any better.

Seems to me it is about time to move the race for President of the United States off the elementary school playground.  We are about to elect the leader of the free world and not hall monitor.

No wonder the world doesn't take us seriously any more.


  1. So very true, but by Super Tuesday in March we should know who the GOP true leader will. At this point i will not vote for Trump. The Democrats will drag the choice selection all the way to the convention this summer. They will throw charges back and forth until then.

  2. Rob...I know this is not the first political race where mud slinging takes precedence over issues, but it just seems to be more annoying this time. I suppose they are geared toward the low information voters, but I really wish they would spend more time talking about how they plan to make things better for the population and less time on back-biting!

  3. Oh I understand, but like the military they don't want the other to know there plans for the future.

  4. Hi..Im so tire of them saying they are going to do this and that and when elected they do neither. We are never going to move forward with the amount of money that is being spent. Congress doesn't represent your feelings nor mine. The government duplication of services need to be ended..why do we need a dept of education, state dept of education and local? Why do we need the bureau of land management..cant states manage their own land? Its like Washington doesn't trust the states to do their own business. Homeland Sec..exactly what do those morons do? The sure don't enforce the laws. When in the history of this country a president just supercedes the law with his royal commands. As you can see Ive had it. I'm sharping my pitchfork and getting my torch ready. I secretly would like to see the economy fail..and the country restart because the lies and stories Washington gives us isn't going change a thing. Sorry for babbling Vicki

  5. Victoria...Don't ever apologize for babbling here! It is nice to know that there are others who are sharpening pitchforks and fueling up torches. Like you, I am tired to the bone of the total lack of common sense in Washington. I am tired of the lies. More than that, I am tired of those fools believing I am so stupid that I actually believe those lies. I am tired of those who claim to represent us - and they don't. I am tired of government sticking its nose into our lives, where it doesn't belong. And I am mostly tired of those who refuse to abide by the Constitution.

    I have gotten to the point where I really don't think it matters any more who is in office. They all have their own agendas and those agendas have not got much to do with We the People, but have everything to do with money and power.

    Kicking my soapbox back into the corner now. :)