Monday, February 29, 2016

New Glasses for Grandson

I really wish I could have passed on more positive things to my kids and grands.  But I'm afraid my major contribution to the gene pool is less than perfect eyesight.

Youngest Grandson is the last of the grands to become acquainted with optometrists and eye exams.  He wasn't at all sure he was going to like this.

But he bravely soldiered on and then began the process of choosing just the right frames.

He wasn't happy with these.

He thought these were pretty cool.

But for now, the guy who pays the bill is the guy who makes the final decision.

By mutual agreement, these are Jacob's new glasses.  Looking pretty good there, J.  It is fun to be able to see everything clearly now, isn't it.

Love, Grandma


  1. Thanks, Lisa...I think so, too. But I'm just a wee bit biased!

  2. I remember when I first got glasses, pretty traumatic as a young teenager, but it was amazing that those blurry things on the mountain were actually pine trees. Who knew? I was able to have LASIK surgery around 15 years ago and fortunately have had 20/20 vision since. The best money I ever spent as my vision was pretty bad

    By the way, your grandson looks very handsome in his new glasses.

  3. Jim...I remember how wonderful the world looked when I got my first glasses at about second or third grade age. Two of my kids have had the LASIK surgery and both are pleased with the results. I am now able to clearly see distances after cataract surgery this past year and need wear only reading glasses for close work. Isn't it amazing what can be done for poor vision now!

    I'm glad Jacob seems to like his new glasses. My oldest who got his first pair about that same age, buried two or three pair in the flower bed because he hated them so much. Thankfully, he got over that notion. :)

  4. Jacob is getting used to them. He will take them off and leave them in his desk at recess so they don't break when playing football.
    He is doing pretty good with them and likes how everything looks clearer. He is worried about them when playing sports and his eye doctor said he could get contacts in a year or two.

  5. David...I'm glad he is adjusting well to wearing glasses. I'll bet that it won't take too long before he won't notice them at all. The best part is being able to see so clearly. I remember my amazement to discover that trees weren't just big blobs of green on a trunk, but each tree had individual leaves. I like the way his glasses look on him. Good choice.
    Love, Mom

  6. Thanks, Chickenmom...I love the part where he isn't the least bit embarrassed to give his Grandma a big old hug, even in front of his friends! :)

  7. I think they're just right. They set off the shape of his face nicely and look very distinguished.

    Ironically (we are a bad-eyes family, with me and our son being horribly myopic, DH being farsighted and pretty astigmatic, Oldest Daughter being terribly astigmatic, and Middle Daughter being so farsighted that the optometrist did her exam twice), the very best luck we have had with kids' glasses has been with the very cheap (under $20) plastic frames sold at WalMart or similar places.

    I have been known to spend $300 on Flexon or titanium frames for our son, just hoping that his glasses would last through one year, never to make it (his standing record was a scant 4 months). So I finally decided to just get glasses that were cheap enough to keep 2 pair (one to wear and one to fix). Spent less than $150 for 4 pairs of glasses (2 for each of the middle kids, as Oldest isn't so hard on glasses any more), lenses and all. It's been seven months and the original 2 pair of cheap plastic frames are still going strong. All I've had to do is tighten the screws.

    We're a cheap-frames family from here on out.

  8. MC...I remember how tough it was to keep glasses on the faces of all four of my active children. They all needed glasses at the elementary school age level. Seems like there was always someone needing new frames due to one accident or another! I wish I had thought of the cheap frame idea back then. With multiple kids and multiple broken frames, that is a great solution.

  9. Ah- look at him! Doesn't he look smart? You have a handsome grandson there- especially in his new glasses. Isn't it odd how different each different pair makes him look? The blue ones made him look at least two years younger than the ones he picked in the end. Shows why it's worth taking the time to pick the right pair, I guess.

    Jamaal @ Eye Clinic London

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  11. I enjoyed your description of familial eyesight problems. It runs in my family too. I was six when I got my first pair of glasses. Your grandson did a wonderful job for his first foray into optometry. His glasses look absolutely great on him and I bet the kid can see much better now.