Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Dear Target Store...

I have shopped at your store for close to 20 years.  The store is convenient to my home and your personnel have always been courteous and helpful.  On the few occasions when there was a problem with merchandise, you always took care of it to my satisfaction.  Your prescription department has answered my questions and has had my medications ready for me in a timely manner.  So it is with some sadness that I tell you I will be spending my money elsewhere.  Here's why...

(From the website for CBS News, WCCO, Minneapolis, Minnesota.)

"MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Target Corporation says it is “continuing to stand for inclusivity” and will welcome workers and guests to use bathrooms that match their gender identity.

The company made the announcement on its website Tuesday, saying Target supports the federal Equality Act that provides protections to LGBT individuals.

“In our stores, we demonstrate our commitment to an inclusive experience in many ways. Most relevant for the conversations currently underway, we welcome transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity,” the company wrote."

I have nothing against people who believe differently than me.  If a person wants to spend their days in a bunny suit or a matador suit of lights, have at it.  If they want to take on the persona of Mother Goose or Batman, I don't care.  But when you tell me that it is alright for a grown man to share a bathroom with my eleven year old granddaughter or share a fitting room area with my teen-aged granddaughter, I must disagree.

I realize that the disease of political correctness has spread far and wide.  I understand that companies will trade common sense for compliance with demands of groups who stomp their feet, scream and shout and file lawsuits when their demands are not met.   I get the part where protection of LGBT individuals or any group of law abiding folks is a good thing.

But please, please tell me why the protection of my grandchildren isn't just as important.  Tell me that you can guarantee their safety from the predators and pedophiles who will most assuredly take advantage of your policy decision in order to satisfy their lust for children.

I don't suppose that it will do any good to remind you that if a six foot tall man wears a wig, lipstick and a skirt, that does not make him a woman.  That is not any different than if a person stands in a garage and proclaims himself to be a car.

I am not foolish enough to believe that the loss of my dollars will have any effect on your financial status. But unlike companies who pander to special interest groups, I have a conscience.  And that conscience will not allow me to fund in any way a company that has so little regard for the safety of my grandchildren.

So, Target, unless you find your lost common sense, we are through.

Vicki Miller


  1. Bravo, Vicky!!! I hope they are hit with enough lawsuits that will close them down. Went to E-mail them this is the message I got:
    Your connection is not secure

    The owner of has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website.

    Learn more…
    Guess they are feeling the heat.....

  2. Chickenmom...Thanks. I didn't get very far with email, either. I guess I am just so very tired of being shoved into the "racist" class of people because I fail to jump on the bandwagons that go against my core beliefs. I will bet the lawsuits will come quickly when kids are molested in store bathrooms due to this policy. And nobody can convince me that won't happen. Shoot...way back in high school I knew hormonal teenage boys who would have happily worn dresses and heels in order to get a glimpse of a half naked teenage girl. This will not end well.

  3. Bravo, bravo, bravo!! We as individuals who disagree with this need to take action with our pocketbooks. I also could care less what a person does in their personal lives, but do not feel it is right to force their beliefs down my throat. It is always amazing to me how my beliefs are considered wrong, but they are never wrong. I gave up shopping at Target over 20 years ago for a different reason, but I would surely do so now also.

  4. Thanks, Jim...I don't give a rodent's behind what other people do as long as it doesn't hurt my family. But this policy of Target has the potential to harm them. How on earth can anyone tell whether the person entering the bathroom or fitting area of a store is genuine in their beliefs or if they are just trolling for kids. I just can't contribute to a business that puts the welfare of one group over that of my family. I'm sort of ornery that way. :)

  5. Vicki - bravo! i fully agree that unless a store can guarantee - and i mean GUARANTEE - that young girls and boys will be safe from predators - then don't want anything to do with that store.

    kudos for such a well-written and thoughtful letter. however, my husband and i will be giggling for days about "than if a person stands in a garage and proclaims himself to be a car!" that's a pretty funny analogy. the sad fact is that it is the truth!

  6. Thank you, Kymber...I don't believe in wrapping kids in bubble wrap and turning them into "precious little snowflakes," but to knowingly create a situation that can and will cause kids harm, that's just plain wrong. There may be those who are genuinely going through an identity crises and I feel bad for those folks, but there are also many who consider the open bathroom policy to be an engraved invitation to indulge in their perversions. Somehow I just can't put the desires of an anatomically correct man to use the ladies restroom over the safety of my granddaughters. And I can't support anyone who does.

    I wish I could take credit for the line about the garage and the car, but I can't. I had read something similar somewhere and thought it made sense. :)

  7. I quit going to Target when they banned the Salvation Army from collecting at Christmas. This is just another act in the same play.

    Grace and peace.

  8. Pumice...I was not aware of the Salvation Army ban. I had seen a couple of news reports about their gender neutral policy concerning toys, as in eliminating gender specific toys to make them "all inclusive," which I thought was a bit silly. So this restroom thing came as no great shock. Thing is, allowing anyone and everyone in the bathroom with my granddaughters just isn't going to fly. Now it is personal.

  9. Mom, I just saw a quote from actor James Woods that made me think of this.
    "The world is fighting Islamic terrorism, starvation and disease, but the Democrats are fighting for men to pee in the ladies room."
    This world just keeps getting crazier by the minute. I sure hope that bat$%#@ crazy Hillary isn't chosen to lead our nation. Oh, wait, we don't choose, all of the wall street cronies have already paid her way to be our next President.

  10. David...Woods hit that nail directly on the head! But it is not just the men in the ladies room. What do you suppose is going to happen when some raging feminist decides she is feeling like a man today, walks into the men's room and you glance at her. Do the words "sexual harassment lawsuit" ring a bell? It is just plain insane.

    You think Obama was bad? Son, you ain't seen nothing yet, should Hillary be crowned Queen of the United States. Scares the beejeebers out of me.

    Love, Mom

  11. Well said. Great letter and I had not known Target had done that. It has become minority rule. I do wonder why people are so afraid to stand up and say what should be said. IF LGBT people do not want to shop at stores that have regular bathrooms let them make that decision. It is so completely crazy!

  12. Thank you, Fiona...I believe Target's announcement of this policy was made just this week. I think people are afraid to stand up for what is right because these days to speak up is to risk being sued, fired from a job or possibly arrested for "hate speech."

    It really isn't about restrooms. It is about forcing the rest of us to accept and sanction a lifestyle that goes against our beliefs. Normally I really don't care what people do in private, but when a company like Target opens it's ladies rooms to every shade of pervert and puts girls at risk, that's where I have to draw my line in the sand. I love my grands way too much to stay silent.

  13. Your right about it nor being about restrooms. Its a bigger problem. I wonder if the LGBT activists realize how they are coming across to regular folk. There activism makes a quiet non issue of privacy become a huge nasty event and I think it makes them a target of more discrimination. The decent people will not be a problem but there are more people that take advantage all the time.

  14. Fiona...You are absolutely right about people taking advantage. Target has announced to the world that it is perfectly fine with them for men to follow little girls into their bathrooms, for whatever reasons. Anyone with an ounce of common sense should be able to see this policy is a train wreck waiting to happen. Sadly, it will be at the expense of some innocent kid, and that is just wrong.

    It isn't just the LGBT activists. The BLM activists also use tactics that solve nothing, but serve to cause as much hate and discontent is possible. As do the atheist groups who threaten to sue over nativity displays at Christmas. None of these people are doing anything to further their causes. They are just causing the gap between two points of view to become wider.