Sunday, April 10, 2016

Firemen Who Aren't

This past week I got a phone call.  The gentleman on the other end of the line told me he represented our local fire fighters.  Said he was raising funds for the benefit of the fire department.

I asked him if he thought $5000 would be of some help.

He allowed as how it would be very much appreciated.

I inquired as to how the money would be used.  He sort of fumbled  around a bit and then told me it was for new hoses on the firetrucks "and stuff."

So I asked him for his name, mailing address and phone number, seeing how the number was blocked from my Caller ID.

He inquired as to the reason I needed that information.

I told him that my local fire station was just three blocks away from my house.  I said that when I went to the station to give my friends there my personal check, they would want to know who should get credit for getting that donation.

The gentleman then told me that the fire department preferred credit card funds over personal checks.

To which I replied that I was sure my friend, the fire chief, wouldn't mind getting my check.  I would go to the station right away as long as the department needed new hoses and stuff.  And as long as I was at it, I would call the police station to see if they needed new tires for their patrol cars.  Maybe I could help them, too.

At this point the nice gentleman hung up on me.  I don't know why.

I have been receiving these phone calls several times a year for the past ten years.  The first time it happened I asked a couple of the firemen I knew if this was one of the ways funds were raised.  They replied that the fire department never, ever solicited funds via the phone.

One would think that after ten years of having an old lady mess with them, these scammers would have removed my name from their call list by now.  And they should really stop trying to scam us old folks.  We aren't happy about being old in the first place.  And we are retired with lots of time on our hands to think up ways to ruin their day.

That part makes me smile.  :)


  1. I had one of those calls a few years ago, while at work. The caller was asking for support for state troopers. When I told him we supported them all the time, and asked his name, he hung up.

  2. Jess...They aren't as fond of answering questions as they are of asking them! I suppose I should just hang up on them, but sometimes it is just fun to mess with them a little bit.

  3. You're ORNERY! LOL - When I did telemarketing, we called for various firemen's and policemen's organizations. Almost without exception, the money went for wine, women and song for those guys who were MEMBERS OF THAT ORGANIZATION only. None of it went to the departments or non-members.

  4. Gorges...I have been accused of having an ornery streak. lol - Whoever it is that keeps calling here for both police and fire fighters donations are so obviously scammers that I am amazed they even bother any more. I understand that telemarketers need to make a living, so I usually just politely decline their offers, but this bunch just begs to be messed with. So I am happy to oblige. :)

  5. I don't answer the phone unless I know the number. I can't tolerate scammers.

  6. Lisa...Most of the time I screen my calls, but once in a while I just answer. Which gives me the opportunity to harass scammers. :)