Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Life Rolls On

This is a quiet time of year for me.  The fall produce at the Farmer's Market - cabbage, apples, and squash - aren't quite ready, so my canning and dehydrating has slowed down until probably mid-September.  I did order 10 lbs of onions that are on sale, so Thursday I will get them to drying.  I seem to go through more onions than anything else.

This summer has been a stinker for arthritis flare-ups.  One would think that our bitter winters would be a worse time, but the opposite is true.  Maybe it is the humidity.  I don't know.  At any rate,  we are having a bit of a cool down, with temps in the mid to high 70's, and that has helped.  I have an appointment with my Dr. next week.  They won't write refill prescriptions unless you show up and donate some blood to test so they can tell you nothing has changed.  I wish it was like it used to be.  We went to the Dr. when we got sick.  Instead we are being held hostage to our need for refills.  Sigh.

Has anyone but me noticed that Doctors seem to want to just throw another prescription drug at you instead of discussing alternatives for a problem?  I am up to four different pills every day, most of which I think are unnecessary.  I have been reading about an herb called Moringa that is good for everything I am taking meds for at the moment.  Including arthritis.  It is readily available like over-the-counter vitamins.  Has anyone ever tried this herb?  I am thinking of giving it a try.  I would much rather go with an herbal remedy than prescription drugs.  Especially when there are no known side effects.  Ever read those reports that come with each prescription drug?  There are more side effect warnings than information on the benefits of them.  That alone seems to be a good reason to go with an alternative.

I'm excited.  I have been thinking about getting a bread machine.  I already have a Kitchen Aid mixer, but my counter space is so small that it isn't practical to leave it out.  It is too heavy to live on top of my freezer, which is the only space available.  But a bread machine could sit there, no problem.  And with my limitations, kneading bread is becoming difficult.  Seemed like a good solution for someone who prefers homemade bread to store bought.

Anyway, I mentioned this to my son's friend the other day when she dropped by for a visit.  She told me that her Dad was in the process of downsizing and she was sure he had one he was going to put on his upcoming garage sale.  A phone call confirmed this.  The machine is like new, having been used only a couple of times.  Son and his friend are going to see him this coming weekend where he lives in the northern part of the state.  They will check out the machine to make sure all the parts are there and that it works.  So with any kind of luck, I will be baking bread Monday.  Woo Hoo!!

Takes very little to make me a happy camper.  :)


  1. Congrats on getting the bread machine. Will be interested to see your recipe! I used to make bread all the time when I had a houseful but find it difficult to do for just me.
    The problem with doctors here is that many are closing up their practices and moving to a walk-in clinic format. So, it's hard to have any consistency at all with care. My doc closed shop about 3 years ago. Up until this Jan, she was available at a walk-in clinic one day a week. All her time for the day was filled within 10 minutes of the doors opening for the clinic. It was very discouraging.
    Good luck with the herbal supplement - will also look forward to hearing about that. Cheers, SJ in Vancouver BC

  2. Vicki,

    Just started taking Moringa yesterday as I had seen some information on it and all of the potential benefits that it has. Obviously, I haven't been taking it long enough to know if its going to work for me or not, but I will update you if and when I feel I have been taking it long enough to have an effect - good or bad.

    A friend of mine has been taking it in lieu of prescription meds for his rheumatoid arthritis and he says so far it is working as good for him as any of his prescriptions.

  3. Thanks, SJ...I'm excited. I love my Kitchen Aid mixer and I use it for other things, but I just thought a bread machine would make the process easier. It will make only one loaf at a time, but that is OK. My freezer space is limited and I think this will work out. Especially the kneading part. I will do a post when I have tried it out.

    Sounds like you have a whole other range of problems with health care than we do. I would find your situation very frustrating! Here it is a challenge to find a doctor who will accept Medicare insurance, which is what most of us oldies have. And it seems like they don't want to find solutions to problems, but would rather just add another drug to the list. Sometimes I think many doctors have their noses firmly thrust up the backsides of the big pharmaceutical companies. A while back I tried to talk to him about the arthritis pain and his response was to let him know when I was ready for hip replacement surgery. That's just not going to happen. I have heard nothing but good things about this herbal remedy, but want to do a little more research. Right now I take four different medications and this one herb has the potential to replace all of them. We shall see. :)

  4. Jim...I would sincerely appreciate it if you would let me know how Moringa works for you. If what I have read is true, it has the potential to replace all four prescription medications I am on now. I am mostly interested on its effects on arthritis. A year and a half ago I took no prescription meds. Then I was hospitalized and came out of there with three prescriptions for issues totally unrelated to the reason I was in the hospital. Since then one more has been added. And I feel worse than when I was taking nothing. This needs to stop. I think over medication has become the norm and I don't like it.

  5. there is a type of swing-up shelf that can be installed under the counter. it lifts the kitchen aid with the touch of a finger. it is then at counter height.
    somehow the device locks the platform in place. you use the mixer and then a touch returns it to the lower level of the cabinet.
    you shut the door until the next time.
    i know someone who has one.

  6. Thanks, Deb...What a great idea. I will check into it. That would make life a bit easier and I know I would use the mixer more that way than I do now.

  7. Please use caution when dealing with meds. I sound like your kids. I take 4 pills in the am, the same 4 at dinner, plus even more at bedtime. My Dr is good, but I am growing tired of taking pills. oh plus 64 units insulin, 32 am, 32 pm

  8. Rob...I am always careful about meds. I just think that there are alternatives to some of the drugs that are just as bad for you as they are good. Insulin is different. You are in all sorts of trouble without it. But you already know that. I have an appointment next week and plan to have a chat with my DR. about meds. I won't do anything foolish.

  9. I guess we have a rare doctor - absolutely will not prescribe a med if at all possible. A change in diet cures most problems. He's a good 'un!
    Always wanted a bread machine - be sure to let us know how it works out!

  10. Chickenmom...Your Dr. may be worth his weight in gold. Mine seems to just want to issue a new med rather than find an alternative way to deal with a problem. That's going to change, I think.

    I have always thought a bread machine would be a nice addition to my kitchen. I may have to wait a little longer for mine as the kids might need to postpone their trip, but when it does arrive and I have tested it out, I will do a post about it. I'm excited!!

  11. My mom was on so many pills I asked her one time what are they for?? i don't know was her reply. The Dr just says take these.

  12. Rob...My parents were the same way. I don't have that kind of faith in doctors. I know what I take and why. I also know that each has side effects I don't like. There has to be a better way to deal with medical issues than just popping more pills.