Sunday, August 7, 2016

Remember When...

that seven year old school kid chewed his Pop Tart into the shape of a gun (I thought it looked more like the state of Massachusetts.) and was suspended from school?  We were irate.  We wrote blog posts condemning the school officials who were being politically correct stupid.  But then we forgot about it.

There were some high school kids in Virginia who were suspended for wearing clothing that depicted the Confederate flag.  We were mad about that, too.  And then we forgot about it.

How about the little girl who was standing, spread-eagled, crying while a TSA agent touched her where her Momma had told her nobody was supposed to touch her.  Or the Granny in a wheelchair being humiliated by another agent digging around in her Depends, looking for a bomb.  Those incidents upset us and then we forgot about it.

We were irate when we realized that every word we say during a phone call or every email we send or every word we type is all saved to be used against us if somebody with power decides to do so.  And it got worse when we found out about the huge facility being built in Utah to store all that data.  Guess what.  It is still happening - in spades.

Then there is the Black Lives Matter gang.  You know - the ones whose organization is based totally on untruth.  The same ones who like to march and scream, "What do we want?  Dead cops.  When do we want it?  Now."  Or..."Pigs in a blanket.  Fry 'em like bacon."  Yeah.  Them.  Same ones whose leaders were invited to the White House not too long ago.

And then there is the presidential candidate who wouldn't know the truth if it bit her in the butt.  The one whose arrogance and quest for power has gotten people killed.  The same one who does whatever she pleases and continues along without any consequences whatsoever.  That one.

What I want to know is this:  How much more are we as citizens expected to take.

And when will it be enough.


  1. When pigs fly, Vicki, because you can't cure stupid and America is now more than 50% STUPID; just look who they elect.

  2. Gorges...What worries me, Gorges, is that these things keep happening, we rant about them for a week or two and then go on to something else, while the powers that be get away with sneaking away a bit of our freedom here and a bit of our freedom there. Pretty soon it will all be gone and much of the population won't even notice. I wish I had answers. I don't. I'm just one chubby granny who doesn't know what to do about it. But it breaks my heart to see the country I love going down the drain.

  3. i have written to congress 'persons' but it got me nowhere.
    i don't know the answer.
    no system works- the injustice system, for example.

    about 35 years ago i was in he shower one afternoon when God spoke to me.
    'america is no longer a Christian nation.'
    i assume the tipping point came at that moment.

    it isn't the presence of those who force their religion upon others, it is the absence of praying, fasting Christians.
    those who pray earnestly are not numerous enough to effect conversion and repentance here in our own land.
    i am guilty. i do not fast and my praying is at a minimum.
    only God can help us but He is ignored by the majority.

    look at the blatant sin; sexual sin is everywhere,
    things that would have been thought impossible when i was young are now common.
    torture and murder of babies, thievery, lying, cheating, and laziness, corruption at all levels.
    in colleges the 'students' must be spoon fed and do not turn in assignments.
    they think they should get a grade, and a good one, at that,for sitting in the class- when they bother to come.
    these generations are lost. utterly.
    americans once took the Gospel to the world but now we need somebody in the world to bring the Gospel to us.
    but would we listen if we heard it?
    let him who has ears to hear, hear.
    just hope i am not condemned. it is hard to care about the spirituality of those who spit on God, who care nothing for their kids or anything else.
    kids who would have been in foster care years ago are not receiving social services because there are now more of them than there are kids from 'normal' homes. the kids who should be sheltered are an overwhelming flood.

    remember planned parenthood said there would be no more unwanted children?
    there are floods of them, like never before, and that is where the gang problem comes from.
    fatherless boys turn teen and they make their own society, and not a good one.

    only God can help us, no use looking for human solutions, especially in a society with no moral backbone.

    with no backbone, we become jellyfish, just floating along with no thought- right into the jaws of the shark.

  4. We the people of this country, have been putting up with the same political BS, since the time of old King George. It will never change. Why you ask?? Too many idiots are brain dead from pot, and all the other illegal drugs.

  5. Deb...I have to agree with what you say. We as a nation have gotten so very far away from the principals we were founded on that our country is nearly unrecognizable from that time. These days, anything goes - the more perverted, the better. Sometimes I think the general population has the attention span of a gnat. Something will happen that gets our dander up and usually within a week's time we have forgotten about it and have moved on to the next thing that makes us mad. And on it goes. Or maybe it is just that we are so constantly bombarded with crap that the best we can do is stay out of the line of fire.

    I rather miss the hellfire and brimstone preachers of my youth. With them, there was no shadow of a doubt about what was right and what was wrong. Now it seems that the message is all about feeeeelings and political correctness. As with most believers I know, I find myself in prayer more often than not. We need an old fashioned miracle.

    You are absolutely right about our country as a whole having no backbone. I know there are a few who are willing to take a stand, but I fear those are few and far between. The rest will just go with whatever our government leaders decide to do to us. People don't seem to care as long as they aren't inconvenienced.

  6. Well, I guess I could break out my copies of "The Anarchists Cook Book" and go to town, as the saying goes. But they'd just shoot me to little bitty bits if I did. Eric Rudolf tried to resist, and wound up living in a cave until some two bit Deputy turned him in to the feds.

    I don't know what to do, Vicki. Writing letters to politicians is a waste of time, as Deb pointed out up above. Voting is a waste of time but I do it anyway. Writing letters to the editor is something I gave up a long time ago.

    I honestly don't know what to do to resist the rot. I wish somebody could tell me.

  7. I gave up writing letters, too. The only thing we can do is keep family and friends near and be prepared as best we can for the coming collapse. And pray that there won't be a civil war if that insane, traitorous woman happens to win the election. Remember it isn't the popular vote that counts.

  8. Rob...I think there was a time when folks would stand up and say, "No more." And you are right about part of the problem being the infestation of drugs in our society. But I also think there are a lot of other factors. We are such a divided population now that the notion of coming together to fight the lawlessness in Washington will not happen. Each group has its own agenda and it just doesn't occur to anyone that if we worked together we could make changes for the better. In all of my many years I can not recall a time when there was so much hate and discontent. I still have hope, however, for I know there are still a few good people out there. I just wish there were enough to make a difference.

  9. Harry...I wish somebody could tell me, too. It is so frustrating to see this once proud country I love turning into something weak and ineffective. And even more frustrating to watch the current administration do everything within its power to wreck it. And succeeding.

    I talk to folks who are clueless. They think everything is just fine as long as they aren't being bothered personally. The powers that be have the bread and circuses thing down pat.

    When I wrote this post, the words came effortlessly. That is a rare occurrence for me. But then I questioned myself as to whether or not it was safe to post it. Seems like these days, any contradiction to the political narrative is reason for suspicion or worse. But if we stop speaking our minds, we are done. I'm not quite ready to quit.

  10. Chickenmom...You are right. Letters do no good at all. Our representatives have forgotten the part where they work for us and not the other way around. Trouble is, as long as they continue to bribe a good share of the population with free stuff, they will be voted back into office time after time.

    I think the civil war will come should she be elected and she tries to implement many of the things she says she will do. Gun grabbing is high on that list and would likely be the turning point. So would her plan to bring in tens of thousands of "refugees." I would not be at all surprised if what Trump says about the election being rigged becomes fact. Until then you are spot on about keeping family close and continuing to prepare. From what I can see, there is a general unease among like minded folks who think something bad - really bad - is headed our way. I hope they are wrong, but just in case, I have ramped up my preparations and will continue to do so as long as possible.