Monday, August 8, 2016

Today Has Been a Good Day

Some days are better than others.  Some days can be a trial with simultaneous arthritis and cellulitis outbreaks going on.  Other days can be quite lovely, in spite of the physical limitations.  Today was one of those.

Right off the bat, two loads of laundry were washed, dried, folded and put away.  I had questioned whether I should dip into my savings to buy the appliances, but they are worth their weight in gold to me.

While clothes were washing I fried some bacon that needed to be used up.  Added toast and a couple of eggs and it was a breakfast fit for a king.

The worst of the muck has been washed from my kitchen floor and it shines as much as a cheap linoleum floor can shine.

I made up a batch of brown sugar today.  I don't buy brown sugar any more.  When my brown sugar canister gets low, I just mix in a tablespoon of molasses for each cup of white sugar and make up enough to fill the canister again.  It is way cheaper to make my own than buy it.

I mixed up a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies.  The smell of them baking is making me hungry.  There are enough for Oldest Son to take some to work to share with his co-workers for his birthday tomorrow, plus enough for him and his friend as well as me to enjoy.  You just can't go wrong with chocolate chip cookies.

It will be a "Lazy Granny" supper tonight.  Homemade ham and bean soup that I canned a while back and maybe some cornbread to go with it.  I use half store-bought cornmeal and half ground up sweet corn that I dehydrated.  Makes for the best cornbread ever.

And then I will find a movie to watch while I do a little sewing.  Or maybe read for a while.  There is nothing exciting or dramatic about my life, but it suits me.  Especially when I have a really good day.


  1. Glad you had a good day. They help make the other kind bearable!

  2. Thanks, Gorges. Yep. These good days help a lot. :)

  3. The cookies make me drool but we are well over a 100 so it will wait. I have red beans and rice in crockpot, keep the heat factor beat back.

  4. I should try that with the brown sugar! We had to dip into saving to replace our HVAC units, after two weeks with no a/c. Temps were in the 90s every day and as painful as it was to spend the money, it had to be done.

  5. JMD...Luckily our temps were in the low 80's today so I could run the oven without heating the apartment too much. Red beans and rice sounds good. Haven't had that for a while. My crock pot gets a workout in the summer for the same reason you use yours.

  6. Lisa...That method of making brown sugar works really well. If you want light brown sugar, just use less molasses and more for dark brown. Sometimes we have no choice but to dig into the savings, but in your case I would agree with the necessity of doing so. I sometimes wonder how on earth we managed before a/c.

  7. Me love cookies, CC even better...hahaha. So you only use a tablespoon per cup of white. I learned something today. In the winter the wife makes up a brown sugar and ketchup glaze for meat loaf. Tasty. How do you managed without A/C?? you sweat alot and don't sleep until winter...... Glad your having good days.

    Picked up a half bone in ham for .99 cents at MP. May pick up another one.

  8. Seems like you had a great day, Vicki! Happy Birthday to oldest son, too!

  9. Rob...Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite, too.
    Yep...1 Tbsp molasses in 1 cup of sugar. I usually make up 5-6 cups at a time, using my mixer to stir it up. It is cheaper than buying it at the store and when I run out I just make more.
    I don't remember being miserable with the heat and no a/c when I was a kid. Guess I just don't tolerate heat and humidity as well now that I am old. :)
    Good price on ham! I hope I can find a good sale on it. I'm getting low on home canned ham and I want to can some ham and bean soup and split pea and ham. Love having those on hand for a quick meal.
    Yeah, some days are really good and others, not so much. But in the grand scheme of things, I can't complain. Life is still pretty darned good. :)

  10. It was a good day, Chickenmom. I guess the older I get, the more I appreciate the good ones.

    Son usually reads my comments here, but I will pass your birthday greetings along to him anyway. Thank you. It just doesn't seem possible that my oldest child was born 52 years ago and now has a head full of gray hair!! I wonder where the time went.

  11. Mom, Thanks for the cookies. They were a hit with the guys at work. Love #1 Son.

  12. Son...You are welcome. Glad the guys liked them. Love, Mom