Friday, November 4, 2016

No, I haven't really fallen off the edge of the earth.

I've just been busy.

Had another appointment about my swollen feet and legs earlier this week.  They tell me now that I have Lymphedema which causes the Cellulitis outbreaks.  Swell.  Lymphedema is incurable, so there is another appointment coming up with a therapy person to figure out how to lower the swelling and learn how to keep on an even keel.  I think at some point I must have done something really bad, for Karma is nailing me with the one thing I really hate - medical appointments.  Sigh.

On a happier note, my bread machine stirs up the best cinnamon rolls ever.  I shared a pan of them with Duane and Lori.  About 15 minutes after Duane took his rolls home, my phone rang.  Duane said the cinnamon roll were really, really good.  I could hear Lori in the background, heartily agreeing with his assessment.  Might have had something to do with the cream cheese frosting.

I have been sorting through tubs of quilt fabric and organizing the half finished quilt and crochet projects that seem to accumulate.  Lists of needed supplies to finish each have been made.  I think I will beg a kid to make a fabric store run for me.  There is a Joann Fabrics close by where everything I need can be purchased.  I would like to do that before the snow flies, for winter is when I do most of my sewing and crocheting.  I love winter, viewed from the window of my toasty, warm apartment!

Grandson Jacob, the 8 year old, has a toy that shoots foam darts.  There are two foam darts now residing on the ceiling fan of their living room.  The ceiling in the living room is two stories high.  The darts are too close to the light bulbs for comfort.  David, his dad, says the step ladder he owns is not tall enough to retrieve the darts.  He doesn't want to buy a new ladder.  They are expensive.  So he will rent one.  When informed that he would be donating a share of his allowance each week to pay the rental fee for the ladder needed to fetch his darts, Jacob thought maybe his dad could climb to the top of the existing ladder and he (Jacob) could stand on his dad's shoulders and maybe he could then reach the darts so the ladder rental would be unnecessary.  Dad said no, he did not think that would work very well.  Jacob has learned about consequences for actions and sometimes those actions cause you to lose your allowance.

It is 60 degrees here today with clear skies.  Most of the leaves have fallen from the trees down along the river, but the small trees along the sidewalk outside my building are a glorious yellow.  They are usually the last to hit the ground each autumn.  I enjoy that splash of color outside my window and am glad it lasts as long as it does, for soon the snowflakes will cover the ground.  But I'm ready.  I have plenty of coffee, lots of hot chocolate mix and the makings for many pots of homemade soup.  Life is still good, even with the approaching cold and snow.


  1. Sorry to hear your swollen up again. I guess that's what happens when you get complimented on your cooking. I hope you have a wide grin..LOL Maybe to much standing? My van died and its in the shop, more expenses I don't need for money I don't have. Ill post more later on my blog. Did you get my email??

  2. If this is a duplicate, sorry. Thought I was posting and lost the whole thing. Uggh - I'm so not a techie.
    Was supposed to have a doctor's appointment last Monday, got there and they had no record of my appointment. Got a flu shot at least. Going back this Monday to try again. Am trying to get some 'maintenance' type medical stuff done before winter really hits.
    Although we don't have the snow and ice you do, when it happens the city comes to a stop. Seems that because our storms are so infrequent, there aren't enough trucks to keep the roads clear. And then there's the drivers who can't remember year to year what snow is. Me- I already have my winter tires on.
    Loved the story about your grandson. Ended up chuckling over that one. I could just picture him balanced on his dad's shoulders.
    Glad the cinnamon rolls worked out. Yum! I need to get some baking done some time. The day just seems to roll by too quickly. Cheers, SJ in Vancouver BC

  3. Rob...Not the head swollen from compliments this time! (insert big grin) Just the legs and feet. It is an ongoing thing I need to deal with. Sorry about your van. Always something, isn't it. I just checked my email. Thanks for the link. I will look at it this evening.

  4. SJ...Nope. Not a duplicate. I'm not much of a techie either.

    That's what it has come to - having "medical maintenance" before winter sets in. Kind of like getting your car winterized! Don't suppose there is any point in grumbling about it. I just want to finish up and not have to see anyone in a white coat for another year!!

    I remember when I lived in southern Missouri for a few years. It rarely snowed, but when it did, the attitude Was, "God put it there - let Him worry about it." They had no snow removal equipment so they literally waited for the snow to melt. Some were amazed that we would venture out on the roads. They didn't realize that we were used to driving through a foot or two of the stuff. A couple of inches of snow didn't hardly slow us down. :)

    Folks here forget how to drive in snow from one year to the next, too. I have listened to the police scanner on nights where the roads are slippery early in the winter. Sometimes there are more cars in the ditch than on the road!

    Jacob - he's a hoot! No matter what bright idea he came up with, it wasn't going to save his allowance. His Mom and Dad are really good at making the kids understand that if you do something you know you aren't supposed to do, it's gonna cost you.

    Where does the time go? Seems like it just flies by these days. I need to take a day just to bake and stock up the freezer. Nice to have a few goodies on hand.

  5. Have you had cancer surgery in the past, or how did you end up with Lymphedema?

  6. Gorges...I know that having cancer surgery is the most common way to wind up with Lymphedema, but that doesn't apply to me. It is my understanding that it can also be an inherited disease and although I know of nobody in my family who suffered with anything similar, I know of no other explanation. The symptoms just appeared out of thin air about two years ago. I know you have been dealing with similar problems. Do you have Lymphedema too?

  7. Hi my husband has it in both legs. Here is an article I found for him to read and thought you might want to read it too. I have it but could it earlier enough so I know how to keep it under control. Also the dart dilemma..use a leaf blower and blow them off.
    I can give you some hints to on getting it down.

  8. Victoria Green...Thank for the link. I will read that article at my first opportunity. I'm trying to absorb as much information as possible before my appointment with the therapist. Mine just appeared out of the blue. One day I was fine and a month later I was in the hospital with four large, badly infected wounds on my lower legs. Since then I have kept infection at bay, but need to know more about controlling the swelling, etc.

    My son is off on a deer hunting trip, but I will be talking to him tomorrow evening. He tried the too short ladder and he tried the vacuum cleaner, but the hose wasn't long enough to reach. I'm sure he hadn't thought of the leaf blower. Excellent idea.

  9. 'Hope there is a simple fix so your leg problems can be kept under control, Vicki. Good lesson to learn for your adorable Grandson. Kudos to Mom and Dad for being wise parents!

  10. Thanks, CM...I just want to get to the point where I can stay out of doctor's offices.

    I liked the fact that Jacob learned that doing something he shouldn't do will cost him! I am really happy with the way my son and daughter-in-law are raising their kids. No special little snowflakes there!

  11. I am going on my 3rd month of a uti! So, I understand. I am sick of being sick. Hope your problems clears up or is under control soon.

  12. Thanks, Linda...I feel fine. Just have swollen, scabby legs. And I hate going to the doctor, so I hope it is under control soon, too.