Wednesday, November 9, 2016


he did it  He won.   I am ashamed to admit that I didn't think it would happen.  I didn't think anyone could beat the Clinton Machine, what with their underhanded ways, their dirty tricks, their out and out lawlessness.  But Mr. Trump whomped them.  It was close, but he whomped them good.

I did not listen to her concession speech.  I thought it was a bit tacky to send one of her minions to tell the faithful to go home after they had waited most of the night.  And I just couldn't stand the thought of hearing that voice again.

I will refrain from rubbing the noses of those who supported Hillary in the dirt.  I won't do it.  We all have a right to our own opinions.  And it isn't nice to gloat.  But I have to own up to the fact that I probably have spent more time at my computer today than I should have.  There is a certain amount of satisfaction in watching some of the media and some of the politicians express their utter disbelief that there will be no coronation.  They shot themselves in the foot and I don't mind seeing them bleed a little.

Then there are the high school and college kids who are protesting the outcome of the election, complete with safe spaces and counselors to validate their feeeelings.  This was an election.  An election usually has a winner and a loser.  There are no trophies for the loser.  That's what happens in the real world.  Get. Over. It.

My favorites are the celebrities who vowed to move elsewhere if Mr. Trump won.  Even the husband of Justice Ginsburg was quoted as saying that it might be a good time to move to New Zealand.  How about we take up a collection, rent a bus, round them up and give them all a free ride to the border of their choice.  If they don't care enough to stay the country that gave them the opportunity to become rich and famous and try to make it better, then they really should be somewhere else.

I don't know what is going to happen once things settle down.  I truly hope and pray that Mr. Trump is as good as his word and he tries to fix some of the damage done to my homeland over the last eight years.  I do know that this morning I awoke with a feeling of hope.  That maybe.....just grandchildren have a fighting chance to live in the America I remember so well.


  1. Amen and amen.
    I was glued to my tv last night. A few interesting observations - the commentators were spouting the party line for Clinton during the 5pm PST coverage even though Trump was already leading. The next most interesting part to me was watching how utterly dumbfounded the commentators were with the results. SJ in Vancouver BC

  2. SJ...I don't have a tv any more, but watched most of it on my computer. I noticed those same things. It was like they just didn't know what to do when they found out what they thought was a sure thing - wasn't. :) I'm guessing there are quite a few of the elite who are worried now that things are changing and not for the better for those who think the rules do not apply to them. I don't know if Trump will be able to change things. But I think it will be interesting!!

  3. I feel a load of pressure off, less stress. Funny thing is Hillary took the major cities of MN, but TRUMP took the rest of the state...

  4. The politicians and media have both treated the electorate on BOTH sides like dirt for years. They really just can't understand why people got tired of being abused by the elites.

  5. Thank you, Glenda...I just pray we can get our country back the way it should be.

  6. Rob...I think there are a lot of us feeling that way today. I think Hillary took the cities because so many who live there expect to be taken care of, where the country folks take care of themselves and just want the government to leave them alone.

  7. Gorges...Don't you think that a lot of that comes from the elites being completely clueless about the way we live? I'm thinking that none of them have ever had to worry about where their next meal was coming from like so many of us have at one time or another. I really hope that Trump gets it and isn't just blowing smoke.

  8. remember when bush senior went into a store and didn't know how to check out?

    it is time to pray harder, not slack off.
    this is just a tiny beginning.
    praying for Holy Spirit to guide trump and for him to receive the guidance.

  9. Our state voted all blue. No republican won anything. Very troublesome. Our grandkids (11 yr old twins) had to "vote" in school the other day. I think they do it just to see how the parents vote. Today they had to write a page about how they "feel" about Donald Trump. Granddaughter said she didn't like him but that Hillary is a lying cheat and should be arrested. Grandson said it doesn't matter how he "feels", he's too young to vote. I hope Trump keeps his promise about abolishing common core. I hope he returns the responsibility of education back to the states. I hope he does not turn into a dictator. Prayers for our new President elect.
    Amish Heart in New Mexico

  10. deborah...I remember that scene. It served to remind me how far removed most politicians are from the way most of us live. My prayers are, along with yours, continuing.

  11. Amish Heart...My state went blue in the cities but red in the rural areas. I think that those who were raised in a rural atmosphere have a better understanding of the realities of life because on a farm, they are confronted with the real world all the time, where city kids don't usually have the benefit of those experiences. That is not always true, for my grands are being raised in a metropolitan area, but their parents have a good grasp of how life really is and are making sure their kids are being raised to understand the difference.

    I find it a bit disturbing that kids were questioned about their feelings rather than about the process of an election. Kids who are taught in today's schools about the importance of "feelings" are the same ones who, now that they are in college, find the need for "safe spaces" and counsellors to help them cope with the outcome of this election. One has to wonder what these kids are going to do when they go out into the real world only to discover that nobody cares a hoot about their "feelings."

    I suspect that your grandchildren's Grandma will likely set them straight. :)

  12. Well said, Vicki. That about sums the whole thing up. I had already started planning on going back to living like I did when Clinton was President and Janet Reno was attorney general. That is to say, with a lot of stuff buried out in the woods!

  13. Thanks, Harry...I think if the election had gone the other way, your methods of keeping what is yours might have become a common practice. I still don't trust government any further than I can toss them. Which reminds me...remember the post I did maybe week or so ago about the woman wanting me to fill out a survey form? Since then I got a letter in the mail trying to bribe me with $30 cash if I took the survey. I tossed it, but not before Googling the name of the company on the letterhead. Turns out that company is employed by the FDA. And yesterday another woman showed up with the same survey. I didn't open the door, but just said, "No." Maybe my tinfoil hat is on too tight, but the whole thing sort of reeks.

  14. I thought it was simple from when the candidates were chosen. Trump is a winner. Hillary has never accomplished anything.

  15. I thought so, too, BW...I heard a report tonight that the protesters want Trump to give the election to Hillary. Guess that's what you get when you raise a generation where nobody loses and everybody gets a trophy just for showing up. Those who are crying in their "safe spaces" are in for a rude awakening when they get out in the real world.

  16. I guess Democrats don't read Kipling either. (I know, here I go again, but he is one of my favorites and this seems to fit rather well.)

    "My son," said the Norman Baron, "I am dying, and you will be heir
    To all the broad acres in England that William gave me for my share
    When we conquered the Saxon at Hastings, and a nice little handful it is.
    But before you go over to rule it I want you to understand this:--

    "The Saxon is not like us Normans. His manners are not so polite.
    But he never means anything serious till he talks about justice and right.
    When he stands like an ox in the furrow with his sullen set eyes on your own,
    And grumbles, 'This isn't fair dealing,' my son, leave the Saxon alone."

    The rest of the poem is also pertinent. Norman and Saxon, written in 1911, but Kipling displays such an understanding that he is timeless.

  17. Spikessib...I am not a student of Kipling, but even I can see where these verses apply. The Democrats thought they could push us and push us and push us some more, but they thought wrong. We deplorables in flyover country said "Enough." I will own up to the fact that I am really enjoying watching mainstream media wet themselves over the outcome of this election. And the exploding heads of the politicians on the wrong side of the vote is a sight to behold. Kipling knew whereof he spoke. :)

  18. He certainly did. I am also having a wonderful time watching the consternation of all the democrat operatives (I include the mainstream media in that) at the election results. And I find it highly amusing to see the all of the talk about what will happen now and what will Mr. Trump do as all of those who were so incredibly wrong continue to talk among themselves. Apparently they are completely incapable of escaping their bubble. I am certainly not a pundit, but even I can see that perhaps they should look for some new people to inject into the conversation. Perhaps even some who don't see the world from their viewpoint, hmm?

  19. Spikessib...I am beginning to believe that most of the left are not capable of entertaining any point of view but their own. The frantic way they continue to beat the dead horse called Hillary is truly amazing. I wonder if fear isn't the driving force behind this lunacy. Obama is about to see the worst parts of his signature health care go up in flames and with it, his legacy. Those who have embraced open borders and sanctuary cities are making vows to continue to break the immigration laws. The mayor of Minneapolis, just 40 miles from my home, is one of them, even though the "Welcome One and All" policies have been a dismal failure. And I still am not quite sure what the nationwide protest are all about. Do they really think Mr. Trump is going to say, "Oops. So sorry." and turn the country over to the democrats like they want him to? Not bloody likely, thank God!

    Kicking my soapbox back into a corner now. :)

  20. I think that the left suffer from severe cognitive dissonance. Otherwise, how could they support Islam and gays/women at the same time? They insist on multiculturalism, except that of the average European and American which is all bad, yet think we should all have the same opinions and goals. I don't think they are truly afraid, they are having temper tantrums because they didn't win the trophy for participating this time. That, and they are being encouraged and supported by the George Soros' to continue to cause problems and churn things up.

    I've seen this and other bus videos elsewhere, but this has the video and a copy of one of the adverts. Don't know how accurate all the reports I've seen like this are, but in the current situation it's not hard to believe.

    Hopefully all this will lead to better days for our country and will give us time to complete arrangements for when it all goes bad. Because I think even if Mr. Trump manages to keep all of his promises (and when has any politician been able to do that?) it will just give us some breathing room, a little extra time to plan and save.

    Here's to better days!

  21. Spikessib...We can not embrace cultures that are so much at odds with our Christian values. Those who believe gays should be killed, Christians should be killed, anyone who does not believe in Islam should be killed - those people will never assimilate like those refugees in the past who have made this country their own.

    I have seen the bus videos as well and it doesn't surprise me at all. We have seen the same thing happening, although not on such a grand scale, when the BLM crowd has caused hate and discontent in our streets.

    There is always a glimmer of hope that America will wake up and take our country back. I am too old. I will not live to see it. But I hope and pray that my descendants will have the privilege of living in the kind of America I grew up in.

    The realistic me knows that Obama and his ilk have ruined what we had. Mr. Trump may honestly want to make changes that will benefit us, but I am afraid it is just too little too late. If someone had told me even 10 years ago that we would find ourselves in the middle of a race war, that a generation of college kids would have no earthly idea of how to cope with the real world, that there would be no consequences for protesters who openly advocate the killing of cops and our president elect, I would have called them a liar. Yet - there it is.

    The realistic me knows this can not last. America is sliding into the abyss. I look at Mr. Trumps presidency as a gift of time. Time to do whatever it takes to get ready for what is undoubtedly headed our way. I am usually not quite so pessimistic, but then I don't require a safe space or therapy to deal with the real world.

    All I can do right now is continue to prep and save, and to lift a glass [or in my case, a coffee cup :)]to your toast, "Here's to better days!"