Friday, December 30, 2016

Happy Dance Time

I have been going to weekly appointments at the physical therapy clinic due to the problems with my feet and legs.  Wednesday the therapist told me my legs have healed to the point where I needn't go back - I can just continue treatment at home.  Yep.  Happy Dance time!!

I still have to keep my legs and feet bandaged and wrapped in Ace bandages and those have to be changed every other day, but the fact that this can be done at home with the help of a kid or two is reason to celebrate.  And when completely healed, I will have a compression device for each leg, kept closed with Velcro, that I think I can handle by myself.  That makes me even happier.  My kids have been great - hauling me to appointments and helping me with the bandaging in between times.  But I will be pleased when I don't need to ask for help.

Funny, isn't it.  When family has asked me for help in the past, I have always been glad to help if I could and have never, ever considered it a burden.  But it makes me a wee bit (alright - a lot) crazy when I have to ask any of them to help me with anything.  My kids tell me that I am just stubborn, and I suppose they may be right.  Well, OK.  They are spot on, but don't tell them I said so!  But I think it is more that the older I get, the more I fear losing my independence.

I have a few things I want to get done before the cleaners come in sometime in January, so I am taking off until after the first of the year.  There are a couple pieces of furniture to be moved and another shelving unit to be set up.  I am out of space on the shelves that hold my home canned food.  As a result, I have several cases of food in jars sitting on the floor of my bedroom.  They need to be shelved so the carpet can be properly vacuumed and after that I can shampoo the carpets.

And when all is said and done, I plan to spend the rest of the winter sewing and quilting and crocheting.  Not very exciting, I know, but those are the things I enjoy.  Give me a nice, quiet winter, preferably indoors where it is toasty warm,  and I am one happy granny.


  1. Why not post some photos of your sewing, quilting, or crocheting? We would like to see it sometime.

    All the best in the New Year.

  2. That's a good idea, BW. Once I get these domestic chores out of the way and can get going on the projects I have planned, it would be fun to post progress photos.

    Hope the coming New Year brings lots of good stuff for you. :)

  3. I'm sure you talked over security concerns with your kids. I'd consider a large, locking box if you have anything of value. You could always mount wheels on the bottom, so it would move easily.

  4. Thanks, Gorges. We have it covered. Anything of value that is portable will go next door to my son's apartment before the cleaners get here. I am also taking pictures of my apartment just on the off chance there is anything missing. It should be OK.

  5. I second BW's idea. A post with pictures of your crafting projects would be awesome. Knitting, sewing and crocheting sound like a lot of fun...Maybe I should go find my knitting

    I get it about the threat of losing your independence. I fear the same. I took my good health for granted until I didn't have it any more. My life today is much different then 5 years ago - most days that's ok and I'm content. Some times I get a good whine going...Not that that does much good.

    I can relate about the PT. Even in good health, I had a physical therapist about on retainer. I was forever going in for something - shoulder, neck, get the idea. Back then I had either a 'go' speed or 'stop'. Nothing in the middle!

    We're supposed to get yet another snow storm Saturday. The news said we've had more snow in the last month then the last 3 winters. Did some grocery shopping earlier today and walked the dog farther then we've been in a few weeks. He's snoring on the couch next to me. I feel ready for the next round.
    Happy New Year if I don't post again for awhile or the power goes out. Cheers, SJ

  6. do not strain yourself.
    it takes so much longer to recover as one ages, and it eats up a lot of time.

  7. Happy New Year, SJ...I will take pictures of my crafty stuff and post them. I like to do that sort of thing in the winter. I find it relaxing. Mother taught me to sew and crochet. She was a wonderful seamstress. And she crocheted those beautiful, lacy doilies. I never could get the hang of that, but mostly make granny square afghans now. Each grandkid gets one when they graduate from high school. I don't sew clothes any more, either, but love making quilts.

    It is amazing, isn't it, how quickly our lives can change due to health issues. I guess I am more lucky than some, for even with the limitations, I can still function fairly well. Just takes much longer to accomplish what I once did quickly. I think the maintaining independence thing has a lot to do with my personality. Some folks just want somebody else to take care of them. That's not my way. Even though I find myself in a position where I have to ask for help, I would much rather do everything myself. But like you, I am mostly content with my life. You are right, though. Every now and then a good whine seems to help. :)

    We are still enjoying warmer than normal weather with very little snow in the forecast. In about a week it is supposed to turn cold again with temps in the single digits or colder. I have my food storage built up enough now so aside from fresh fruit and vegetables, I could go for a year without going to the grocery store. That includes feeding Oldest Son and his friend. There are a few things I would like to add, like more butter to can, but for the most part, I'm ready.

    Glad you were able to get dog out for a good walk. I really miss my animals, but walking a dog is out of the question. Even with a cat I would be hard pressed to get one to the vet should there be problems. So I content myself in hearing about your snoring dog. :)

    Stay warm and safe. Hope the storm headed your way blows itself out before reaching you!

  8. deborah...That is one of the hardest lessons I have had to learn - pacing myself rather than thinking I have to do everything all at once. And I no longer wrestle with heavy furniture that needs to be moved, but ask for help to do it. You are spot on about recovery time as we age. Learned that the hard way. AVoid doing that to myself these days. :)

  9. We seem to be cut from the same cloth. I find it extremely difficult to ask for help. Some time it doesn't even enter my mind!
    Snow is supposed to start some time today. We have a freezing fog right now and next week the temps will be below freezing all week. It's actually warmer when it's snowing - God must have a sense of humor.
    Yes,the dog is snoring in the next room as I type. I would miss my animals terribly. But for now I am blessed with one.
    I don't know about your area, but here one of the vets will do home visits for seniors for the same price as an in-office visit. They'll also deliver food and they don't charge a delivery charge. The staff call it a 'wellness check'. Maybe you could have one? Of course with cats, it's hard to have just one -hahaha..
    Good for you on your food storage. I probably have enough to eat for that amount of time, but it would be a very limited menu!
    Wishing you a great New Years! SJ

  10. SJ...I am really lucky in that most times I don't have to ask for help - my kids just tell me when they are going to help. Oldest Son, who lives next door, takes out my trash and brings me my mail so I don't have to fight the stairs on bad days. He helps with the day to day stuff if needed, like when I need something off a top shelf. I call him and say "I need a tall person," and he comes over so I don't have to climb on a stool to reach. The others have shopped for me and see to it I get where I need to go. I am blessed.

    God does have a sense of humor and not just concerning weather. At least I have always believed that considering some of the silly situations I have found myself in over the years. :)

    I have not heard of in-home visits by vets, but I will look into it. My new landlord charges a one time fee of $300 to have a pet, but I so miss having an animal in my life that it might just be worth it. You are right about cats - one is just not enough! There was a time when I had three cats living with me. My grocery delivery service includes pet food and kitty litter in their catalog. The only problem I had with the three was when I moved my refrigerator out to clean under it and found enough hair to build another cat!!

  11. I don't remember did we talk about heritage?? We maybe of different experience levels,(I'm not stupid to put it any other way) but we are alike. Now comes the broken recording part, don't over do it, please.

  12. Not to worry, Rob...Any heavy work like the moving of furniture is done by big, strong sons. I have learned that if I think I am still 40 and work accordingly, I pay for it. So I don't. I am even cutting back on the canning. The plan for the winter is a lot of rest with the hope that this will make it possible for me to be out and about, terrorizing the neighborhood once again come spring. :)

    It sure is nice to have friends who care, and I mean that sincerely.

  13. It is hard to ask for help and I am glad to hear things are improving.
    Crocheting interests me, my friend gave me a lovely crochet (crocheted?) blanket for Christmas which I absolutely love, I might need to learn how to do this myself! Enjoy

  14. Jenn...Having to ask for help is really difficult for me. I don't mind getting old. I do mind having limitations. But there it is. I will live with it. :)

    I have always enjoyed all sorts of needlework. Growing up, there were no computers and my family didn't have a TV until I was 15. We did other things like reading books and in my case, sewing, knitting, embroidery, etc. to pass the time. Crochet is one of my favorites. I don't do fancy stuff like my mother did, but do mostly granny square afghans (blankets). I suppose I stick with those because they involve crocheting all these small squares and then they are sewn together - sort of like sewing together a patchwork quilt. There are all sorts of good tutorials on YouTube. Once you get the basics down, the rest is a walk in the park! If you decide to give it a try, let me know how it goes.