Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Common Cold

Sniffle - cough - snort.  Yep, I caught one.  Nothing serious - just enough to be annoying.  On the bright side, I am doing my bit for the economy by keeping the cough drop people in business this week.  Same goes for the Kleenex factory.  Things should improve on Wednesday when my grocery order arrives.  I ordered a box of Little Debbie Nutty Bars.  Everything is better if one has Little Debbie Nutty Bars.  :)

Lori is out of town visiting her Dad, so I messaged Duane telling him I had this dead chicken I was going to roast, if he wanted to come over for supper.  A big bowl of potato salad and some corn rounded out the meal.  Later he showed up with a bowl of ice cream for me.  I opened a jar of home canned strawberry rhubarb sauce, poured half of it over my ice cream and sent the rest home with him.  The cold doesn't seem to have affected my appetite much.

Don't think there will be much going on here for a few days.  I've been sucking down cranberry juice and water, although I admit to running some of the water over ground coffee first.  In my world, coffee is the elixir of life.  If you want me, you will find me curled up in my recliner, covered with my green fuzzy blanket, reading a good murder mystery.  I will return when the sniffle - snort slows down.


  1. I hope your recuperation is quick; until then, I hope it's relatively comfortable.

  2. Thank, Gorges. It's just a mild cold. Just enough of one to use for an excuse to be lazy for a couple of days. :)

  3. Sorry to hear you've got a cold. That's no fun any time.

    I'm typing from my recliner and my fuzzy grey-patchwork fleece blanket. Ha! We could be twins!

    So who are you reading? I love a good mystery. I'm currently working my way through the Sneaky Pie Brown series by Rita Mae Brown. Sneaky Pie is a fictional cat who supposedly authors the books. The human author some times sneaks in her own political views but I haven't been able to figure out the mystery until the final chapter. Some of the characters are cats & dogs who talk to each other and solve the mystery ahead of the humans. I already worked my way through another series by the author that centers on fox hunting. In that series, there are also horse and fox characters chatting among themselves.
    Cheers, SJ

  4. SJ...My favorite spot - recliner, green fuzzy blanket, murder mystery. Doesn't get much better than that!

    I don't have much room for paper books, so I downloaded free books from the Project Gutenberg website as well as from other sites, for my Kindle. These are all public domain books that the copyrights have expired, so they range in books from maybe the mid-1800s to 1920 or 1930. I must have close to 600 books downloaded, ranging from mysteries (my favorite) to short story collections to humor. I can't think of the title right now, but the one I'm reading is by Anna Katherine Green. She wrote a number of mysteries, all of which are interesting.

    I think my favorite author is Agatha Christie. You never know "who done it" until the last few pages. And she always tossed in clues that make you think the villain is one of several characters, but the end is always a surprise.

    Your Rita Mae Brown books sound like fun. I will have to check with my local library. They have a service where, using my library card number, I can download ebooks. I can keep them on my computer for three weeks and after that time, access is denied. I have used that service a few times and it works well.

    It is nearly 1 pm here and the temp is still minus 3 degrees. Good day for the fuzzy blankets. :)

  5. And coffee. Although I switch to tea or hot apple cider in the afternoons.
    Ha! I admit, I have a book addiction. And dvds for movies/tv shows. I had Kobo until it died. I can also get ebooks through my library. But for now, I just love an old fashioned, hold in you hand book. Also, any time I seem to get rid of books, I'm sorry. Also, our senior center has a free lending library. It's all on the honor system.

    If you can get either the Sneaky Pie Brown mysteries or Sister Jane (she's the fox-hunter; they chase the fox but don't hurt it), I think you'd like them. The mysteries are good and the characterization of the animals leaves me laughing out loud some times.
    Warmed up to -1C here yesterday. Now they're calling for snow Tues-Saturday next week as well as this weekend. Cheers SJ

  6. Hopefully your cold will be gone quickly. Fortunately, I have not gotten one yet this year. I agree with you about Little Debbie Nutty Bars as they are the best. I usually have a box around the house for that special treat. We have been getting hammered with snowfall the last 36 hours and I spent all morning trying to shovel out the drive way. Thankfully, my neighbor who has a tractor came and helped drag out all of the drifts which were as high as 3 feet and I was struggling to get through them. Still snowing and the wind is at a steady 25mph. Oh well, the farmers need the snow pack for the summer irrigation.

  7. SJ...Can't forget the coffee!! I like a cup of tea now and then as well as various kinds of fruit juices.

    I like an old fashioned, turn the page book mostly. But simply have no place to store them. All of my available storage space is taken up with my preps. And with the new shelf unit, I am now out of a place to put more shelves. If I lived in a house I would have to have one room designated as a library.

    I will definately see if I can lay my hands on the Sneaky Pie Brown books. Sounds like fun and I enjoy a change of pace from detective stories. I download some P G Wodehouse books for that reason. They are silly and just plain fun. :)

    You sure are being bombarded with snow this year. Here lately there has been mostly icy rain with just an inch or so of snow the other night. Think I would rather have the snow than the ice.

  8. Jim...Don't expect this cold to last long. It is just enough of one to use as an excuse to sit and read all day.

    Little Debbie Nutty Bars are my go to store bought treat. Usually I will just bake brownies or cookies, but now and then I just have to have a Little Debbie Nutty Bar. :)

    Wow! You really are getting hammered, aren't you. In a normal winter we here in Minnesota would be up to our elbows in snow. But this hasn't been a normal winter so far - very little snow - mostly ice. What little snow we had melted in the rain. Seem like years ago we got more snow than we do now. Somewhere there is a picture of my kid's Dad standing on top of a snow drift, resting his arm on the top of a telephone pole. Must have been 40 years or so ago. Glad you have a helpful neighbor to dig you out. Me...even more glad I don't have to shovel the stuff any more! Be careful. You can do yourself a mischief shoveling snow.

  9. I feel your pain, i too am sick, but not as bad as you are. I bumped up my vitamin C to 1500 mg at night. About all i have is my voice cracking, I guess I'm 13 again..LOL. Hang in there is down hill from here. Twins start Spring Training on Feb 13th, Spring is Mar 21st, and DST is March 12, and some old guys B.D. is on the 13th.... Happy Happy Joy Joy....cough, hack, sneeze..:)

  10. Rob...Hope you get to feeling better soon. I'm not all that sick - just enough to use as an excuse to be lazy for a couple of days. :) Think I will open a jar of my home canned chicken vegetable soup for supper. That should fix me right up. At least I don't have to go out and freeze my nose off. Matter of fact, I don't need to go out until maybe April! Works for me.

  11. Tea and whiskey. You won't care about the cold after a mug of that.

    Get better soon.

  12. Hope you feel better soon! Curled up with a blanket and book sounds delightful!

  13. Please get well soon, Vicki!!! And thank you for keeping tabs on me! Hugs! :o)

  14. BW...Sounds like a pretty good cold remedy! It is unfortunate that I have to stay away from alcohol. :) Even so, I am nearly back to whatever normal is.

  15. Jenn...I am much better, thankS. It was a wonderful couple of days with the blanket and the book, but I have pretty much milked it for all it is worth. :)

  16. CM...Lots better today, thanks. We bloggers make friends we never meet in person, and as such, care about what happens to them. Keeping tabs on one another is just the way it is. A big hug back at ya! :)

  17. Nyquil or TheraFlu helps me get through periods of not feeling so hot. I know there's no cure for a cold, but those two things make it a lot less debilitating.

  18. Just checking in to say hi. Took a quick trip outside today to the thrift store for their seniors day (30% off) and found a few things. It's a beautiful sunny day here. A respite before the next storm due in on Saturday. More snow, again.
    We're having a heat wave: +1C today.Hahaha.
    Cheers,SJ in Vancouver BC

  19. Harry...It seems this cold has settled in for the duration. Have been chugging Nyquil at night and it helps me sleep. Hadn't thought about TheraFlu. Will ask a kid to pick some up for me. Just sleeping, reading and eating those little oranges - Clementines. It will go away sooner or later, I expect. :)

  20. SJ...I love thrift stores. Seems like I can alway find something useful.
    Thought I was getting better, but this cold turned around and kicked me square in the caboose. Not sick enough to go to a doctor, but just miserable enough to want to do little more than sleep and read. Son brought me a bag of Clementines and a bucket of ice cream, so I will survive!
    My heat wave of +22 trumps your +1 heat wave. Haha. We haven't had any storms - just an inch or two of snow now and then - enough to keep the roads slippery.
    Had a friend who was an EMT and he once told me that it really doesn't matter what you do. A cold takes 10 days to run its course. So I should be fine in a couple of days. Until then it is back to my recliner for my Kindle and me. Thanks for checking up on me. :)