Friday, October 4, 2013

Dear Mr. President:

Let me say right off the bat that I love my country.  I would choose to live in no other country in the world.  America is my home and America is where I will stay.

That being said, I am not so enamoured with the leaders of my country.  I expect adult behavior from them and I have seen very little of that for quite some time.

Mr. President, how dare you bully 80 and 90 year old WWII veterans who want nothing more than to visit the memorial in Washington that is theirs.  It is not yours.  You did not fight and bleed for the right to visit a memorial dedicated to the heroism and patriotism of those who did.  They were there.  They fought.  They suffered things that you can't even imagine.  Many of them died.  And if they want to pay their respects to their comrades who didn't get to come home, who are you to say they can't.  Shame on you.

And then, Mr. President, I hear you giving a speech in which you tell me that if you don't get your way with the debt ceiling, I can forget about receiving my Social Security check.  Do I need to remind you that I paid into Social Security all of my life?  I get no welfare benefits.  Nobody gave me a phone before the last election.  I get no government subsidised anything. That check is all I have, because I was promised that it would be there for my old age as long as I worked hard and kept paying into the fund.  I did.  And you want to take that away from me and so many others like me so you can score political points.

If I were your mama, I would be thoroughly ashamed of you and of your colleagues.  God help us as a nation when we find ourselves governed by schoolyard bullies.


  1. Very well said. Good for you. Think I've found a new friend.

  2. Thank you, Stephen. I don't often write about politics, but sometimes the stupidity of it all makes me feel like my head is about to explode.
    I read your blog daily and am always pleased with what I find there. You have a new friend indeed.

  3. Well, shucks, thank you dear soon as I have a moment I will post a thank you and welcome on my blog. Dealing with an a/c man at the shop is hot.

  4. Done. And I've linked you on my blog list. Have a great day.

  5. Thank you, Stephen. I have added you to my blog roll as well. Good luck with the a/c. I sympathize, having been without mine some this summer. Ain't no picnic!