Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Let Them Be Kids

I read with interest an article about a school banning the use of footballs, soccer balls, baseballs, etc. on the playground at recess.  This same school is also banning games of tag and cartwheels.  Really?  Cartwheels?  I have an idea.  Let's just wrap these kids in bubble wrap until they turn 21.  What ever happened to "go outside and play?"  The most exercise some kids get is downloading an app.  I see kids outside who are wearing more protective gear than a NFL linebacker, for goodness sake.  How on earth are they ever going to toughen up and learn if adults are afraid that their kid might break a nail.

I don't like to see a child get hurt any more than the next person.  My own brood had their share of bumps, cuts and bruises while they were growing up.  But they learned.  And they toughened up.  And they grew into adults that I am proud of.   Adults who can handle most anything that life throws at them.  And they didn't learn this by being over-protected.

And then there is the elementary school that is not allowing their students to participate in any Halloween activities because someone might be offended.  The school principal sent out a letter to parents that reads in part:

"Some holidays, like Halloween, that some see as secular, are viewed by others as having religious overtones. The district must always be mindful of the sensitivity of all the members of the community with regard to holidays and celebrations of a religious, cultural or secular nature. The United States Supreme Court has ruled that school districts may not endorse, prefer, favor, promote or advance any religious beliefs...."

If you are so flipping sensitive that a bunch of elementary school children dressed up as ghosts, fairy princesses and comic super heroes offends you, then you need to do something about that thin skin of yours.  And I can't think of one good reason to change a long standing American tradition of celebrating Halloween.  These are just kids.  And the adults in charge seem to be bound and determined to suck the fun out of their lives.

Kids are kids for a very short time.  How about just letting them be kids.


  1. I heard that story this morning on the local news. I agree, let kids be kids. Senior and I strive to give our kids a childhood much like we had. Just ridiculous what they are doing these days to our children.

  2. While writing this piece, I was talking to one of my sons, who told me that at my grandson's school, kindergarten and first graders weren't allowed to play on the monkey bars because another kid had once fallen off them. He thought that was ridiculous. He reminded me that at that age, he was climbing all over playground equipment. I reminded him that he was also climbing trees. Didn't seem to hurt him any!

  3. You can't officially have endured childhood if you didn't break a bone, step on a broken bottle, had a case of pink-eye, been hit in the face with a dodge-ball, been burned by a sparkler, wore mitts taped to your hands to prevent scratching the chicken-pox sores and fallen from a tree.

    That's the rules and they'll never change.

  4. It is good to know there are still people left who understand the rules. I am grateful that my grandkids are being raised with those rules in mind.

  5. I wouldn't change my childhood for anything.

  6. Son, you were allowed to live and be a kid. I'm glad you are raising my grandkids the same way.
    Love, Mom

  7. Amen Sister!!! I think some Adults forgot they were once a kid themselves!!!

  8. Thanks for stopping by.
    You are absolutely right. Adults need to remember what the freedom of just being a kid is all about.