Friday, October 11, 2013

The Truck and the Step Stool

So this evening Number One Son calls me.  We are talking about where to meet to go apple picking tomorrow with my brother and his lovely wife.  During the course of conversation, I mention that it would be nice if he could pick up a box of apples from a different orchard than we are visiting tomorrow.  The different orchards sells large boxes of what they call "seconds."  He brought me a box full last fall.  These apples may have a blemish or be a bit odd shaped - in other words, they are not perfect.  I don't care.  They are just as good as the ones we pick from the trees, and they are cheaper.  I might have to cut out a slight bad spot here and there, but that doesn't matter for applesauce or canned apples.

Anyway, my son said that he could take me to the other orchard tomorrow, if I wanted.  Son has a truck.  The truck is high off the ground.  My legs don't work well enough any more to be able to climb up into the truck.  I reminded him of this fact.

"But I got you a step stool," was his reply.

You just gotta love a son who will buy a step stool so his mom can get into his truck so he can take her to buy more apples that he will wind up hauling upstairs!


  1. my sister was just up in Henderson,NC and brought me back a half bushel of apples. My boys love my home made Applesauce.
    What was funny is a couple of years ago while my brother lived in Maine he FedEx'd me an entire bushel. The shipping alone was 60.00. But my Lord I was up to my elbows in apples, peels and cores....

  2. I'm sorry. I'm sitting here giggling. Something about FedExing a bushel of apples just tickled me. I expect to be up to my elbows in apples as well. My family likes the homemade applesauce and I would like to can sliced apples this year. I remember my mother and I making apple pies and not baking them, but freezing them raw. Don't know if I am that ambitious.

  3. I just found a super easy recipe for Apple Butter. Another thing My kids love and i want to try to make on my own.

    Yes it was a hoot.. An entire bushel of Apples sitting on my doorstep from Fed Ex...ha ha