Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall is in the Air

It is such a glorious season here in Minnesota.  Summers can be hot and humid - winters cold, snowy and blustery.  Spring is nice, for the ice and snow disappear.  But nothing can beat Fall.  The air is crisp and clean.  In another week or two the leaves will be in full color.  I really need to get out my camera and take some pictures.

Fall is the time of year for Farmer's Markets.  I have already canned up produce that my son brought when he made a Market run, and there is another planned to get cranberries.  I have lots of cranberry sauce on my shelves, so this years bounty will be made into cranberry juice that both of us enjoy.

And it is Apple Pickin' Time.  There are several pick-your-own orchards near my home, and this year my brother and his lovely wife plan to join however many family members can go with us this coming weekend.  It is one of my favorite outings of the year.

Whenever I think about apple pickin' time, I think of the last apple excursion that my husband went on.  We were with my youngest son and his family.  Our granddaughter, Maddie, stuck pretty close to Poppa.  She was small and he was tall and Poppa could reach the best apples that were high in the tree.  Mike left us the following summer.  It warms my heart to remember how he remarked after we came home, that the day had been one of the best he could remember.

I love the fall days that turn into such good memories.


  1. I remember that day. It was fun and I know the kids miss their Poppa Miller!
    Hopefully we can go again this season.

  2. It was a good day, and so much fun with the kids. I know Poppa had a really fun time with them that day.

  3. We will have to go next year - we found a nice one with a pumpkin patch too...just can't get out there too late or you don't get to pick apples.