Sunday, October 6, 2013

Nearly Finished for Now

The sausage is all canned and on my shelves.  I ran the sauerkraut experiment through the pressure canner yesterday morning.  The directions say to let it sit for three weeks before using, so I will see how well this method works then.  Both dehydrators are humming away filled with sliced and diced potatoes.

Two of the half pint jars of sausage didn't seal.  That happens sometimes, though not very often, thankfully.  I don't mind this time, as I have a hankering for biscuits and sausage gravy.  I may live in the city, but I can still enjoy a good, old-fashioned country breakfast.

Sometimes in the midst of the trouble and turmoil around us, it is good to be able to enjoy some of the more simple things in life.  Biscuits, gravy and a steaming cup of coffee won't take away those ugly things that threaten our way of life.  But they will make them a bit easier to bear.


  1. Stephen sent me over...

    Every time I can meats, they end up very dry and flat.. no flavor at all.

    I have not tired sauerkraut, so let us all know how it turns out..

  2. Welcome - thanks for dropping by.

    I can meat as often as possible, and it can be dry and flat, as I add no seasonings when I can it. However, when I use it, that is the time for seasoning, sauces, etc., and then it is wonderful. Much of it goes into casseroles. Some is mixed with mayo, relish and seasonings for sandwiches. A lot of it goes into soups and stews or maybe adding a sweet and sour sauce to chicken or turkey. The possibilities are endless.

    I'll do a post when the sauerkraut is ready. I hope it works!