Friday, December 20, 2013

Canning Season Never Ends

So this past Sunday I am just sitting around, sort of being a slug, reading a murder mystery novel that I had downloaded from "Project Gutenberg."  (Those mysteries from the late 1800's sure can be fun!)  And my phone rings.  It is Number One Son.  He wants to know if I have any space in my freezer and I tell him that I do.  Not more than a couple of minutes later he walks through my door with a box that is about 18 inches square and maybe 6 inches high.  And three frozen turkeys.

The place where my forklift driver son works manufactures a large variety of egg and potato foods, mostly for institutions or restaurants, although some are sold in stores.  At Christmas time, the company hands out to the employees a variety of product.  He said that he still had lots of food that he had received, but he knew that I would like what was in the box.  Turns out the box was filled with frozen egg omelets with ham, onion and peppers.  Son isn't fond of onions or peppers and I am, so this worked out well.  I have tried a couple of them since, and they are good, especially with grated cheese on top.  And plain, they make a great egg sandwich.

Anyway, it seems that the store where he shops had the turkeys on sale for 58 cents a pound.  When I tried to pay him for the turkeys, he just laughed at me.  He says that after I get them canned, he will be taking a few jars home with him, and that if he buys the meat and I do the work of canning them, we both benefit.  Makes sense.

So as soon as I have enough empty pint jars again, I will be canning turkey.  I have lots of quart jars now, so I think I will make some turkey broth to can as well.  Broth is something I like to have in my pantry for soups or casseroles or chicken and biscuit dishes.

And I thought canning season was about over.  Not hardly!

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